About Us

Sextalkcorner is our sexual haven where we get to talk about our sexual experiences and share ideas on
how to improve our intimacy lives. We provide reviews of sex toys some of which we actually purchased
and used. Others are sent over by retailers and retailers for honest and unbiased reviews of the

How Did Sex Talk Corner Start?

It was on a Friday evening and I had just come home from work. Like most Fridays, I opted to clear my
mind before planning for the weekend. There is something we call post-nut clarity, I think better after I
bust a nut. I went through my collection of fleshlight sleeves, I had 14 sleeves each modeled after a
different fleshlight girl. They are not exactly 14 fleshlight girls, it is more of 7 but in this case it is a butt
and vagina orifice for each. I applied lube and got down to business.
After I was done and cleaned up I realized I had a vast collection of sex toys, which I could use to help
enlighten other like-minded users on sex toys. I pitched the idea to a couple of friends who had also had
a sizeable collection of adult toys. 3 out of 4 agreed so we are now four in total- a straight lady, a
straight guy, a bisexual lady and gay guy. We will continue adding more to our sextalkcorner family as
we grow.
We try to connect with our readers by sharing our personal experiences with the different products, our
sex life and sometimes we have to use crude language to drive the point home.