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How To Use A Penis Pump Properly

There are numerous myths and rumors about penile enlargement, most of them claim to work but very few live up to their claims. All men have contemplated enlarging their penises even if it’s just once. It’s human nature to want ‘bigger’ things in life. And if there is one thing that men love is their […]

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How To Warm A Fleshlight In 5 Minutes

Nowadays warming a fleshlight sleeve has pretty much become a standard practice. Wet, cold holes might be fun for some but I prefer my holes warm. Owning a fleshlight sleeve is not just about enjoying ‘self-love’ at the comfort of your home, it also entails enjoying it as if it were real sex. This means […]

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Best Anal Toys On The Market

Gone are the days when people used to shy away from talking about anal play. I remember those days when people thought that anal sex was meant for gay men. I won’t laugh at them because I also had a similar opinion. Today, I am one of the many guys who think that anal sex […]

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Which Is The Best Lube For Fleshlights?

Have you noticed that the internet has limited resources when it comes to the best lubes to use with fleshlights? Well, most sex bloggers are all about recommending products that they have never used just for the purpose of earning money. This is the reason why most people complain that the lubes they purchased are […]

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