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Gone are the days when people used to shy away from talking about anal play. I remember those days when people thought that anal sex was meant for gay men. I won’t laugh at them because I also had a similar opinion. Today, I am one of the many guys who think that anal sex is just awesome. Most people have embraced the use of the best anal toys as they are a good way to spice up things.

I know there are so many individuals out there who are more than willing to experience the adventures of anal sex. Unfortunately, they always shy away from talking to their partners about it. The only solution to this is just opening up, who knows, they might also be into it but they are afraid to speak out.

Anyway, let jump straight to the purpose of this post. I am here to talk about the different types of anal toys and review some of the best toys you might consider using for anal play. Moreover, I am also going to offer you some informational content that will come in handy during your anal adventures.

Why Anal Play?

Well, there is much fun and pleasure that you can enjoy from backdoor sex. The anus and rectum are among the few erogenous areas found in the human body. For starters, men can experience intense and long lasting orgasms by stimulating the prostate. The only way to find the p-spot is through the anus.

The modern woman has embraced anal sex at a good pace. Most women nowadays want to be screwed in the anus because they know the fun that comes with it. Studies show that there are thousands of sensory nerves endings found in the anus. Surprisingly, there are so many nerves that connect the clitoris and anus. Now you know why women love anal penetration like crazy. Ooh, I forgot to mention that the rectum is separated from the vaginal cavity by a very thin membrane. This makes it possible for women to have more intense  g-spot orgasms when fucked from the backdoor.

anal sex is fun

Rules To Adhere During Anal Play

Anal play is slightly different from conventional sex. You have to be careful during anal sex as it might turn out to be uncomfortable if you do it the wrong way. Anyway, I have come up with a few key rules that you should  follow during anal play.

Lube! Lube! Lube! Unless you are a dickhead, it is always important that you use a good anal lube before you try anything on your butt. The rectum does not lubricate itself when pleasured, this is why you should apply lube on the toy or your partner’s penis.  Lube helps in reducing the amount of friction and also providing a smooth and awesome feeling during penetration. AVOID using silicone based lubricants if you want to play with silicone toys as they might end up getting damaged. Silicone based lubes are only great if you want to have anal sex with your partner.

Go Slow– If you really want to enjoy anal play, then you should go slow. Thrusting the penis or toy at a fast rate will cause discomfort and pain. Remember that the rectum cavity is so sensitive, therefore, you should handle your partner and toy with care. It does not make sense if you hurt yourself in the name of anal pleasure.

Listen– A good anal play session can only be achieved if you learn to listen to your partner. The receiver will tell you when to stop, when to go deeper and when to apply more lube. You should also pay attention to body language as it will tell you if the partner is enjoying or feeling pain.

Avoid switching your toy from the anus to the vagina. Most people tend to ignore this rule and this can be very risky. I am saying this because the toy might transfer some bacteria and fecal matter to the vagina. Would you like that? Absolutely No!

Relax! Anal play can be a bit tricky if you are not relaxed. You can do some breathing in and out exercises to relax and get rid of the tension. Once you relax, you will find anal play to be enjoyable and cool.

How To Choose The Best Anal Toys

With the high number of anal toys in the market, it has become difficult to choose the right one. I have been receiving so many requests to do a post on choosing anal toys and this is why we are here. This section will give you insights on what to consider before you add that favorite toy to your shopping cart or wishlist.  I am hoping that from now on you will have an easy time shopping for the best anal toys.


Size is a key factor to consider when shopping for a good anal toy. If you are looking to explore the world of anal play for the first time, it goes without saying that you should choose a small and slender toy. It does not make sense to buy a toy that will not fit in your anus. You just have to start small and work your way to advanced and larger toys. I always advise beginners to choose toys with a diameter of 0-1 .5 inches. Rookies should keep off toys that have crazy shapes and textures. Keep it simple and be patient with your body.

In case you’ve had some experience with anal toys, then you can consider yourself to be an intermediate user.  You are probably ready to try medium sized toys with textures. Moreover, your body is now ready to accommodate heavier materials such as glass or metal.

Anal experts should choose toys that feature bumps and ridges. Besides, toys with vibrations might be a good option for advanced users. Larger toys are ideal for people who want intense stimulation  and orgasms.


The material is another important factor to consider before you make a purchasing decision. Anal sex toys are made from different materials and some of them might be toxic. It costs you nothing to research which materials are good and which ones are bad. Generally, I love to use either silicone, metal or glass as they are safe. Keep off toys that are made using jelly or latex because they might end up harming your rectum tissues.

The material of your anal toy determines the smoothness, flexibility, durability and texture. Silicone toys tend to be flexible and smooth in nature which is exactly what you might be looking for. Avoid using porous toys because they will harbor bacteria and dirt. Moreover, they are always difficult to clean.


In case you want to enjoy high levels of pleasure, I would recommend that you buy a toy that has several unique feature. By this I mean you should pick a toy that vibrates or one that is Bluetooth compatible. These features are great especially if you are a couple. Toys with remote controllers allow couples to tease each other at will. Such toys will make you fall in love with anal play like never before.

Types of Anal Toys

If you are looking to buy the best anal toys, you deserve to know which models are available. The good thing about sex toys is that they are available in different types. All you have to do is choose the one that intrigues you. Below are some of the common types of anal toys that you can choose from.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs happen to be among the most popular types of anal sex toys. They are designed to provide a feeling of fullness in the rectum cavity. Butt plugs have a bulbous head which tapers down to the base. Most of them will have a large base that allows you to insert and pull out with ease.

When using a butt plug, your anal muscles will grip the neck of the toy so that it stays put.  Butt plugs are available in different sizes , therefore, it’s upon you to choose which one suits you. Most plugs are available in metal, glass and silicone material.

I find butt plugs to be awesome especially because they are designed to stay put. This means you can do any activity with a butt plug in your anus. I like to wear mine when I am in the house and whenever I want to have some me-time.  Butt plugs will also come in handy when you want to prepare your ass for penetration. Personally, I use the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL and it has been super awesome. You can buy yours on Lovehoney or Shevibe

Prostate Massagers

Men who are looking for anal pleasure might be impressed by the best prostate massagers. These toys are specifically designed for prostate stimulation and they never disappoint. Being one of the best anal toys, you can be assured of some super intense orgasms. Prostate toys are curved slightly in order to stimulate the p-spot the right way. The good thing about these toys is that you can use them hands-free. My partner and I have been using the Lelo Hugo from Lovehoney as our favorite prostate massager.  


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