Best Butt Plugs Buying Guide

Are you familiar with pleasures of using a butt plug? If not allow me to do you the honors. They are versatile toys to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their gender. For men, butt plugs can be a great way to stimulate the prostate. Women on the other hand, can use the butt plug to apply pressure on the back wall of the vagina. Not to forget the anus which by itself has loads of nerve endings.

What is a butt plug?

Technically, the name butt plug is self-explanatory. It does exactly what you think it would. You plug in your behind. And its primary purpose is to ease you into anal play and make you feel good while at it. The anus has numerous nerve endings which when massaged right can send orgasmic ripples up your spine.

One thing need to remember is that the anus is very delicate part, you don’t just wake up one day and plug an object in. You need to prepare your behind for such an endeavor. For starters, lubrication is highly recommended. The rectum does not self-lubricate which one of the reasons why penetrative anal sex is painful for beginners.

With the help of butt plugs and a lot of lube you can prepare your butt for penetrative anal sex with your partner. It is important that you warm up your asshole with small objects such as butt plugs or fingers prior to anal sex.

Butt plugs have a tapered shape for easy penetration. They have a narrow tip that widens towards the middle and becomes narrow toward the neck. This design not only makes it easy to insert the butt plug but it also ensures that stays in place once inserted. The rectum is said to have a suction effect that sucks objects in, which means an object could easily get lost in your ass.

What are butt plugs for?

The primary function of a butt plug is exploration and stimulation. Like earlier mentioned, the ass has numerous nerve endings which when stimulated right can lead to a whole new sensation that’s different from what you experience during traditional sex.

The use of butt plugs add fun in your sex life. Watching your partner walk around with a butt plug is a huge turn on especially if it is tail butt plug. Even applying lube on your partner’s ass, plugging in the butt plug and hearing your partner moan with relief is also huge turn.

For women, butt plugs helps them explore the sensations that men have been enjoying for centuries. They also like the feeling of having the butthole stretched a little bit. Men on the hand, use butt plugs to massage the prostate gland. Nowadays, prostate stimulation is done by a big percentage of men even straight guys. Ever heard of super orgasms? Well, that’s what you experience when you stimulate your prostate with anal toys such as vibrating butt plugs.

Is it advisable to wear a butt plug in public?

Can you wear your butt plug to work? Yes you can. The trick here is choosing the best butt plug for you, a butt plug that will fit you perfectly and stay in position for long. You want a butt plug with a tail that is easy to conceal. A fox tail butt plug might not cut it especially if you are wearing jeans.

If you intend to wear your butt plug for longer than 1 hour, it is advisable that you don’t stretch yourself past your limit. If at any point you feel that the butt plug is uncomfortable to walk with, remove it. This will prevent any injuries or damage to your ass.

Tail butt plugs are fun to walk with but not the most comfortable to walk with in public unless you are wearing a costume or something like that. Vibrating butt plugs are super fun to wear in public. Having orgasms in public is experience of a lifetime. And the fun part is trying to conceal your moans as butt plug vibrates in your ass. It gets even better if both you and your partner have a vibrating butt plug in the ass.

How to use a butt plug

Learning to use a butt plug is easier said than done. You want your first anal plug to consist of materials such as Silicone or PVC due to their high bendability. Beginner anal plugs are mostly sold in sets or alternatively anal trainer kits. They come in various sizes from small to large. You start with the small butt plugs as you work your up.

Using a butt plug is more than just plugging an object in your ass. It also entails hygiene and preparing your body for anal penetration. Start by cleaning your bowels. Make sure that there is nothing left in there especially if using a butt is a precursor to anal sex.

Clean the entrance and ensure that it looks enticing. Some go as far as waxing the asshole. Insert your finger and move it around to make that about 1-2 inches of your rectum is clean. Try pushing outwards like you are about to take a dump. Wash the area carefully but don’t use too much soap as it likely to cause irritation.

If cleaning up does feel good enough you can always try anal enema. It cleans well and flushes everything out.

Now that you are clean, proceed to apply your preferred anal lube. The anal lube should be compatible with your butt plug. You don’t want to use a lube that will degrade your anal plug.

Anal tissue is very sensitive which is a good thing as it means the sex will be amazing. The extra sensitivity also means that you can easily hurt yourself if you are not careful. Your rectum does produce lubrication for anal penetration; therefore, you must always use lubrication.

You can apply lube on your finger, insert it in your ass and apply on the inside. If that doesn’t work for you, try a lube injector.

Now that you are clean and well lubed up, it is about time you inserted your butt plug. Place the tip of the anal plug on your butthole, carefully insert the toy in your ass. Relax your anal muscles by pushing outwards as if you are about to take a dump. You can add more lube to ease it in.

Butt plugs have a tapered shape, as your push it in it widens towards the middle. This makes it harder to push it in. The wide point is always the hardest to insert but it feels really good once you pass that point. The butt plug pops into place causing a satisfying full feeling.

You might manage to get it all in on your first try but that’s not a guarantee. If it doesn’t go in keep trying, with patience and a lot of practice you will slide it in with ease. Think of it as a regular training session. The more you train the more you stretch your anal muscles allowing to use larger toys.

Benefits of using a butt plug

Most people prefer to use butt plugs to prepare for anal penetration. The use of butt plugs in foreplay frees your focus from the butt allowing to focus on erogenous other than the butthole. Once inserted butt plugs stay in place leaving your hands free to caress elsewhere.

You can also combine butt plugs with other kinds of genital play such as vaginal sex. When used correctly, butt plugs can cause the feeling of fullness. They can also be used to apply pressure on the walls on adjacent to the vagina.

Wearing a butt plug feels kinda naughty especially when wearing it to a date.

Let’s get into the specifics:

  • Prostate Massage

Men, listen here there is nothing like having your prostate massaged or stimulated. For this purpose, you will need a longer butt plug, one that is designed to reach your p-spot. To get a more enjoyable experience buy a vibrating butt plug and combine it with a handjob, blowjob or sex.

  • For rimming

Have you ever tried a butt plug that mimics the sensation of rimming? For such a sensation you will need the B-Vibe Rimming Plug as it is designed specifically for rimming. Beneath the soft silicone, it contains small rotating balls that gentle vibrate in and on your asshole.

  • G-spot stimulation

The vagina and the rectum are separated by a thin wall making it easy for women to stimulate their g-spot through the anus. Using a butt plug stimulates the nerves in the shared wall which activates pelvic muscle contractions that also occur during orgasm.

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