10 Best Ed Vacuum Pumps

For most guys, the answer to a perfect sex life is a large vascular penis. They are not entirely wrong, ladies do drool over men with large cocks. So why shouldn’t you try all means possible to enlarge yours? Sexologists argue that size doesn’t matter but it also doesn’t hurt to have a big penis. One of the most effective ways to increase penis size is to use the best ed vacuum pumps. But if you have the money to spend you can always go for premium penis pumps.
Picture yourself walking in town with grey sweatpants enjoying all the stares from men and women as they stare at your junk. You would feel like a king walking among mere mortals. You might have the most aesthetic body but the first thing they will notice is the dick print on your sweatpants. So start pumping and get an even bigger penis.
Remember, even after getting back your erection or getting a bigger penis don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Talk to your partner and understand his or her needs. Getting what you want doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your partner’s needs.

What is a penis pump?

To understand what a penis pump is, we have to understand its history. The first penis pump was invented in 1870s as a way to treat impotence. A century later, we still rely on the same technology to address erectile dysfunction (ED) and penis size.
Today, the penis pumps are recommended by medical practitioners as a safe way to develop and maintain an erection during intercourse.
Thanks to advancement in technology there are now penis pumps for enlargement. You see, as men continued to use penis pumps for erectile dysfunction they started noticing gains in penis size and girth. It wouldn’t take long before other men got wind of the matter and now everyone wants the best penis pumps for enlargement. You should definitely check out our post on how to use a penis pump

Best Penis Pump Reviews

Not every man is blessed with big vascular dicks, some have average sized dicks and others have small-sized dicks. You’ve probably come across penile enhancement adverts while on the internet and you are now thinking of trying one of those penile enhancement procedures. Don’t do it mate. They may seem legit but some of those methods are note even approved by the FDA.
Penis pumps have been around for more than a century and have produced amazing results. Men have used the best penis pumps for enlargement to grow their dicks to 12 inches. I definitely need one of those. 12 inches! I would probably walk naked all day, y’all got to see my gains.
Get one of these dick pumps and increase your penis size to a size worth flaunting.
Below are our top picks:

Hydroxtreme Series

Hydroxtreme Penis Pump

It was previously known as Hydromax Xtreme Series and it is designed for users who want serious gains. They are similar to the X-Series, the only difference being that the Hydroxtreme series has more power and a better design that incorporates the use of detachable handball.
The Hydroxtreme series comprises of 5 penis pumps:

    1. HydroXtreme 5- Designed for men with a length of 4.5” or less. You can grow your penis size from a mere 4.5 inches to 7.5 inches.
    1. HydroXtreme 7- For men with a length of 6” or less and has enough capacity for growth up to 8. Inches.
    1. HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy- it is designed for men with a length of 7”or less and a girth over 6.5”.
    1. HydroXtreme 9- For men with more than 6 inches in their pants. It allows you to grow your penis size to 10 inches.
  1. HydroXtreme 11- For men with more than 9 inches in their pants. Now this one is for guys with penises to envy. If you 9 inches and still want more, this should be your go to device as it has the capacity to grow your penis to 12 inches.

The cost increases as the length increases.
The HydroXtreme series is the top contender for best penis pumps for enlargement as it offers great value for your money and comes with accessories for easier operation. These accessories include:

    • Water-based lubricant- some lubrication is necessary in the pumping process and Hydromax does you a favor by providing a high-grade lubricant for your pumping sessions and fleshlight use.
    • Cleaning Kit- Although penis pumps look the kind of devices you wash under running water, they are more intricate and need special cleaning kits. These kits are specifically designed for cleaning HydroXtreme series penis pumps. They are very effective and prevent the buildup of bacteria.
    • Handball Pump- The Xtreme series is the first among the vast line of hydropumps by Hydromax to incorporate the use of a detachable handball pump in its design. Since the handball is detachable, you can always use your HydroXtreme Series pump like any other hydropump. The handball is attached directly to a pump valve or via a flexible tube.
    • Shower Strap- it is worth close to $30 and allows you to use your pump handsfree. These devices are kind of heavy and a little support goes a long way in making the pumping experience more comfortable.
    • Measuring Gauge- an odd addition to the kit but useful nonetheless. You can use it to measure your dick. It comes in handy when trying to confirm if there are any gains in penile length.
  • The Carrying Case- a very important accessory as it can accommodate all your pumping accessories and the pump. It is worth about $40 and has lock to ensure that its contents are secure at all times.

The Hydroxtreme series is not for the faint-hearted as it advertised for advanced pumpers. By advanced pumpers, I mean guys who pump every day, can adhere to a set routine and would like to track their growth.
It comes with a few accessories to help with cleaning and maintenance. Out of the many accessories, the handball pump was our favorite. It’s nicely made, I have used handpumps before but this one felt different. It’s strong and tries to resist being compressed you would think it has a spring inside. It takes a while to get used to which is among the reasons it is advertised for advanced users.

Is the HydroXtreme Series as good as they claim?

If you have used smaller penis pumps or another standard penis before and want to upgrade to a more results-oriented penis pump, the HydroXtreme Series is exactly what you are looking for. It is designed for all men as it can accommodate 5 different penis sizes. There is an Xtreme Penis pump for everyone.

Immediate gains: as usual you are likely to experience temporary gains as soon as you start pumping. The HydroXtreme series is so effective that it is considered to be one of the best penis pumps for enlargement. The gains will last between 14-18 hours which is enough time for you to take your new-look penis for a ‘test drive’. You will obviously need to pump every day for about 20 minutes to maintain the gains.

Before sex gains: Penis pumps are designed for men with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. They are fast acting and last for hours. This means that you can pump your penis a few minutes before sex as you partner watches. Once you are done, you can bless your partner with some world-class strokes and remind them that you still got it.

Permanent gains: It takes about 8-12 months of daily pumping for your gains to stick. You will still have to pump once or twice a week just to be sure.

HydroMax Series Penis Pump (Formerly Hydromax X-Series)

Hydromax series penis pump

The X-Series lies somewhere between the Bathmate Original pump and the HydroXtreme Series. It is the upgraded version of the Bathmate Original and was launched in 2013. Since then they sold over 1 million units, which goes to show the level of trust that men place in the X-Series.
The original bathmate pump was released in 2006 but it was not an immediate hit as there were some problems with its pads. The pads would fall off almost every time you are pumping and it leaked, which reduced its effectiveness as a water pump. The company got wind of the problem and decide to redesign the pump as a way to get deal with the shortcoming of the original bathmate.
They came up with an idea to create a new line of pumps which are today known as the Hydromax Series. It comprises of 4 pumps, which are all designed for penile enlargement. This middle man series is hardly distinguishable as the only they are similar in almost all aspects except the sizes they can accommodate. The Hydromax X5 is the smallest while the Hydromax X9 is the biggest.
Each of these devices function the same but with a slight variation is suction power. They have been designed after years of scientific research and real-life tests just to ensure that the end product elongate and enlarges your penis.

Hydromax5 (X20) – for small penis sizes of 4 inches or less.

Hydromax7 (X30) – 6 inches or less

Hydromax7 (X30) Wide Boy- fits the length of hydromax7 and the girth of hydromax9.

Hydromax9 (X40) –more than 9 inches

How does the Hydromax Series (formerly X-Series) work?

We will use the Hydromax X30 as the point of reference to understand how the hydromax series works. Since it is a hydro pump it uses water to create the required pressure difference. Water is added into the cylinder and then forced out as you pump. It is advisable that you use warm water as it helps relax your penile muscles allowing for more blood to flow into your penis.
As the water is forced out it creates a vacuum in the cylinder, which allows your penis to expand in a bid to fill the vacuum. The use of water is vital as it helps cushion your penis during the pumping process. This prevents you from experiencing unnatural bulging, bending or pain that you would normally experience when using an air pump.
Being a water pump, the Hydromax series is more powerful and effective that most conventional penis pumps on the market. In fact, the manufacturer claims that it delivers 35% more suction power. It also comes with a comfort-styled ring that provides full support to your penis.
Other notable features include the Bellows pump system that gives you a good view of the chamber, allowing you to modify the incline accordingly. There is also a latch-value system that makes it easy for you to fill and handle the pump with one hand.

Are there benefits to using the Hydromax series?

Based on the time we spent with the hydromax series, we can safely say that it delivers remarkable results. The 35% more suction power is as good as they claim. One might ask why the 35% suction power? It simple, the additional suction power ensures that the results are not only speedy but also promising.
The Hydromax series has a slight advantage over its competitors as it increases its efficiency by having fewer convolutes and enlarging the size of its internal bellows. These modifications not only increase the efficiency but also help fast track the growth in girth and length.
The use of penis pumps has often been clouded by uncertainties concerning its safety. Fortunately for you the Hydromax series is safe to use as long as you don’t overdo it. The series is made of medical grade and skin-safe materials which should assure that you will experience irritation from using these penis pumps.
Although most men are still skeptical about using penis pumps to correct ED or increase penis, a recent survey showed that 80% of the men who have used penis pumps are satisfied with the results. And most talked about penis pump is the hydromax series. They are considered to be the best penis pumps for both erectile dysfunction and enlargement as they are thoroughly researched and tested through clinical trials. You simply can’t go wrong with one of these devices.

When should you expect results?

There are two types of results- the permanent kind and the temporary kind. Take your pick. Do you want permanent results or is it a one time off kind of situation? Like most premium penis pumps, the hydromax series is fast acting. If you are a beginner you are likely to notice an increase in size after your first pumping session.
These results will subside after 16-18 hours if you don’t continue pumping every day. The best approach is to come up with a routine that you can follow every day. Be sure not to exceed the recommended pumping time per session. The more you pump the more your penis grows. Over time you will also notice an increase in your flaccid length.

Final Thoughts

The hydromax series is a little bit more expensive than most brands; however, if you consider the technology, quality and customer satisfaction rate you will agree that the price is totally justified
It is effective in correcting Peyronie’s Disease but it has some limitations. It only works well for penises curvature does not exceed 25%. If the curvature exceeds 25%, we suggest you try penis extenders.
As one of the penis pumps under the Bathmate brand, you are assured of quality, impressive features and effectiveness.

Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet Penis Pump

It is a water-based dick pump developed by UPL Distribution LLC. It is a company that has been around for years and prides in its ability to offer reliable and high quality products. UPL Distribution LLC is based in Switzerland and has won numerous awards for innovative product such as the penomet penis pump. For example, in 2013, the Penomet penis pump won two awards for being ‘the best new male enhancement gadget’ and ‘the best new product’. In 2014, it won the Jury Award.
The penomet pumps is considered to be the safest penis pump on the market. Which is not far-fetched if you consider that it took the company 3 years of research and 2 years of real-life testing to come up with this pump. In addition to that, the penomet penis pump has CSG, CE and ISO certifications.

How it works

Now that we all agree that it is safe to use the penomet penis pump, we’ll look at its working mechanism. Like earlier mentioned, the penomet pump is a water-based penis pump which means it uses water instead of creating air.
Well, you can always use it without water but it will be less effective and there is a high likelihood that it will hurt.
Penomet penis pumps are filled with warm water which is the main reason that is recommended that you use these pumps in the bathroom. The warm water relaxes your penis allowing the muscles to expand without causing injuries. Its cylinders are designed to equally distribute the pressure ensuring the gains in length and girth are uniform.
If you decide to use the pump without water your penis is likely to enlarge unequally.

Penomet Packages

The penomet pump is available in 3 packages; the standard package, the extra package and the premium package.

The standard Package
It combines the Force 70 Gaiter and the 3.0 pump- for more information on the gaiters check out their official website. It comes with a digital exercise handbook and an instructional booklet.

The Extra Package
This version is more expensive than the standard package but instead of one gaiter, it has 3 gaiters. This allows you to choose any of the three- the 75, the 70 and the 65. The price increment is definitely a bummer but we can say it totally worth it since it comes with two extra gaiters. All the 3 gaiters come with a lifetime replacement guarantee no questions asked.

The Premium Package
It is the most expensive of the three packages. It’s equipped with a standard 3.0 pump and comes with 5 gaiters- the Force 60, 65, 70 and the Force 75 gaiter. They have also added the Extreme Force 80 Gaiter, which is specifically designed for pros. In addition to that, it has a shower comfort strap for a relaxed pumping experience.
In case you feel that Extreme Force 80 Gaiter is not enough for you, there is a new gaiter- the Force X85. It is sold separately and is the strongest pressure gaiter. Don’t attempt to buy the X85 if you are beginner as pressure levels this gaiter can sustain are insane.

How do penomet pumps compare to other penis pumps?

In an earlier article, we discussed how to use a penis pump with a detailed explanation on how the penis pump works. If you’ve read it you know that penis pumps use pressure difference to create micro-tears in your penis. Once this happens, the body fills these spaces with blood which a vital component in getting a rock-hard erection. The micro-tears causes an increase in hollow space which means that more blood is drawn into your penis making your penis look bigger than usual.
Although the end results are similar, there are a few differences between penomet and other pumps.

    1. Penomet uses water instead of air- penomet, being a hydro pump, is one of the best penis pumps for enlargement. Generally, water pumps are more effective in penile enlargement those that use air. It is also the safest method of pumping as it allows for even suction. You’ve probably heard of men suffering from torn penile ligament, it is rare but it happens. With a water-based pump such as penomet, the chances of experiencing this problem is zero. In addition, using a water-based penis pump is pleasurable. Get you one of these devices and enjoy some nice sensations while pumping.
  1. The pump for large men- Most pumps are designed for average-sized men leaving small percentage of men with huge cocks not catered for. There are men with big dicks and there are other with even bigger dicks. Some are so big that they can’t fit a normal sized penis pump. This is not to say that they are no penis pumps for men with huge dicks. There are, but most of them focus on length and forget about the girth. This is where penomet comes into play as it can accommodate up 8” in length. If your penis cannot fit in the 8” cylinder you can buy the larger cylinders that accommodate 9+ inches. The only issue we found is that penomet is too big for men with micro penises.

Does Penomet work and what results should you expect?

Penomet is one of the most popular penis pumps and its results are just as popular. It works perfectly only if you follow the daily routine. Consistency is key, you don’t gain over 2 inches from a single day of pumping. It doesn’t work like that, you’ve got to put in the work and be committed.
After 4 months of daily pumping, you are likely to experience up to 30% growth and the more you pump the bigger the gains. However, these gains will not last forever if you don’t continue pumping.
The penomet pumps is undoubtedly one of the best water penis pumps as it focuses more on quality rather than quantity. It tries to balance everything from safety to functionality. According to penomet, the realistic expectations in penile enlargement should be 1-3 inches.

Bathmate Hercules

Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump

The first Bathmate Hercules pump was released in 2006 and instantly become the go to pump for most men. Since then newer models such as the hydromax series have been released but a big a percentage of men still prefer the good ol’ Hercules pump.
It was released along with the Goliath as part of the Bathmate Original Series. They are both water pumps and were carefully designed after years of scientific research. Wait, like real scientists? Yes, a group of scientists came together to build a working penis pump instead of cancer research. We don’t always get what we want but I could surely use a bigger dick.
Hydromax is well known brand that has been in the game for more than 10 years. It boasts of some of the best water penis pumps which include the Bathmate Series, the Xtreme series and the Hydromax series. Each of these pumps is made for different penis sizes. We’ve reviewed the Xtreme series and the Hydromax series, it is time we got to the Original series.
Some say that old is gold and the Original series is the oldest of the three. It may not be high-tech but it works just fine. The Bathmate Hercules uses water to create enough suction that stimulates cellular growth in your penile region. In simple terms, the suction cup forces your penis to grow.

Main features

The Original Series comprises of two penis pumps – there is Bathmate Hercules and Goliath. They might be similar in design but they are not the same size. The Bathmate Hercules is 30% smaller than the Goliath. The Hercules is known as the true original pump as it is the best penis pump for beginners. It is an introductory pump designed for beginners with average-sized dicks.
What’s even more assuring is the fact that Bathmate Hercules is one of the most popular penis pumps as it is used in over 70 countries. That means that men all over the world trust Hercules penis pump to correct their penis issues or increase penis sizes. They come in two colors allowing to choose the color that you are most comfortable with.
The Bathmate Hercules has a close knob at the top of cylinder that locks in pressure. It also comes with a comfort pad that’s attached to the insertion hole for improved comfort while pumping.

How does the Original Series hold up?

Like earlier mentioned, the original series comprises of two pumps- the Hercules which is 30% than the Goliath. Compared to other beginner models, the Hercules and Goliath hold up very well. The Hercules penis pump might be a classic but they are newer models that get the job done faster. It all depends of your preferences and budget. If you are working with a bigger budget, we suggest you go for a premium model. However, if you are a beginner with an average-size dick then the Hercules should be perfect for you.

Tracey Cox EDGE – Best penis pump for stamina

Tracy Cox Edge Stamina Penis Pump

In our quest to find the best budget penis pumps, we stumbled upon the Tracey Cox Edge penis pump. Its design is one to admire and the high tech features makes it a must buy for beginners. Although we’re saying that the Tracey Cox penis pump has an impressive design it is actually not that different from the contemporary designs. The only difference is Tracey Cox put more thought into the design, making a few improvements and perfecting the existing design.
Being an automatic pump, the Tracey Cox Edge provides a very gentle yet very effective suction on your penis via the self-powered motors. According to the manufacturer, the Tracey Cox is designed to improve your erections as well as your sexual stamina. They also claim that the pump can boost penile size by up to 30%.
Most of the penis pumps on this list features the same old design of a cylinder that creates a vacuum for suction. The Tracey Cox decided from the contemporary designs and came up with a penis pump that doubles up as masturbator. That’s one hell of a deal, two for the price of one. It sure is the ultimate penis pump for jerking-off ninjas.

Main features

The Tracey Cox pump is an automatic pump that is designed to provide maximum results with very little effort. This can be attributed to the high-end features which include:

    • USB rechargeable motor
    • 7.5” Long transparent cylinder
    • Black silicone sleeve with a generous 1.4” opening
    • Silicone sleeve with a 0.25” opening for sensations similar to that of a fleshlight sleeve
    • 3 suction settings
  • An easy to use push button control interface

Although the transparent is a recurring feature in most penis pumps, it still amazes me to watch as the penis grow. On the side of the see-through cylinder is an increment gauge to help you keep track of your progress.
After using testing the Tracey Cox penis pump for a month, it is safe to say that the suction it offers is superb. The silicone donuts create a tight seal as the sleeve covers the base for optimum pressure retention. Using the Tracey Cox penis pump was the most fun I have had with a penis pump. The suction of the pump as the sleeve canal hugs your penis is sensational.
All the material used to make this pump are skin-safe. The pump is splash proof, kindly note that splash proof does not equate to waterproof.
What’s more is that the Tracey Cox penis pump is compatible with an app that is designed to help your train your primary vein according to your needs. You can download the Tracey Cox EDGE stamina app from various app platforms. The app has a special timer that helps you keep track of the amount of time you spend pumping. It also comes expert tips, techniques and tips from Tracey Cox himself.

Is the Tracey Cox penis pump as good as they claim?

Without a doubt. It is one of those penis pumps that you wear on your penis and it feels like it’s about to suck the soul out of you.
The Tracey Cox Edge works well as a penis pump but it doesn’t quite cut it as a masturbator. To start with, the textured sleeve is anything but good enough. And when using it as a masturbator, it switches from auto to manual thus requiring manual pumping for you to achieve an orgasm. Which is exactly how a fleshlight sleeve works but still I wouldn’t mind masturbating without actually stroking my penis. I imagine it would feel more like receiving a blowjob.
Aside from the masturbator not working as we expected, all the other features worked perfectly and it was without a doubt one of the best penis pump for stamina we ever have tested. It takes about 90 minutes to charge and comes with two interchangeable sleeves. The manufacturer claims that regular pumping is likely to increase your penis size by up to 30%, which is realistic for such a well-built pump.
For the period we tested it, we did notice some improvements in penis size but not at the rate suggested by the manufacturer. We used it for only one month, if we had used it for longer say 6 months the results would have been better.

Lovehoney Basic Penis Pump

Lovhoney Basics Texture Penis Pump

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that plaques men all over the world. And it is not an easy problem to deal with as the recommended corrective methods are either ineffective or too expensive. There are various such as herbal remedies and Viagra that actually work, the problem lies in the side effects and sustainability. Some of these methods are great but only for a few times.
However, there is one method that works and can be used for a very long with no severe side effects. This method involves the use of penis pumps such as the Lovehoney basic penis pump. It is a vacuum penis pump that is effective in restoring strong erections and penile enlargement.
Basic pumps are very cheap, they are arguably the best budget penis pump that are available today. They may not have impressive features like premium medical grade penis pumps but they have a textured interior.
The lovehoney basic pump has little knobs on the interior that makes it more pleasant to pump. As the suction interacts with your penis, the textured interior gently massages your penis. This means as the suction power engages your penis to increase its size, the textured interior pleasures your penis.
Beyond the pleasant feeling of the interior, the basic penis pump features a transparent cylinder that gives you a clear view of whatever is happening to your penis. The basic penis pump also comes with a flexible tube and bulb that helps you regulate the internal pressure.
Most men prefer discreet packaging since ED or penile enlargement is not something you just put out there for everybody to know. And the basic penis pump has your back as it comes in a discreet and unmarked package. The pump itself is sealed in a nice packaging and comes assembled. You just pick it up and start pumping after reading the instructions.
It doesn’t come with a lubricant or a constriction ring to help maintain your erection. You can always buy these two separately as they are essential components of the pumping process. Other than that, it is one of the best budget penis pumps worth looking at.

What’s the experience using the basic penis pump?
You start by reading the instructions, apply some lube and then insert your penis into the cylinder. Push the penis pump towards your body to ensure that the seal is tight. Now that everything is set, gently squeeze the hand pump, release it, squeeze again and release it. The more you squeeze and release, the more you feel movement in the cylinder. Slowly you start to notice that penis is growing bigger.
It a nice but strange sensation and you will feel the suction power increase even after your first squeeze. It takes about 5-6 pumps to get a fully erect penis.
After about 30 minutes of using the pump, it is time to take it off. You simply turn the release valve and twist the cylinder to take off the pump. The recommended usage time is 30-60 minutes and you are not likely to experience discoloration on your penis. Discoloration will only happen if you over pump or pump faster than recommended.
Just as expected, the pump gives you a full erection which should last for hours even after you stop pumping. You can now reignite your sex life without worrying about ED.
Use a cock ring to ensure your erection stays hard and for longer.
We have ascertained that it is effective in correcting ED but is as it as effective in penile enlargement? When we were testing the basic penis pump, our main aim was to test its effectiveness in erectile dysfunction. But as we continued using it, we started to notice a slight increase in penis size. We didn’t get to use it for long but we can safely say that it is one of the best air penis pumps we have ever used.

EVO 3.0 Automatic Pump- Best Electric Penis Pump

EVO 3.0 Automatic Penis Pump

Electric penis pumps are not as popular as their manual counterparts but they are just as effective as manual pumps and cheaper than manual penis pumps. Most men prefer to use manual penis pumps but the last few years has seen the number of electric pumps being bought every month increase. Between 2016 – 2017 the EVO 3.0 pump was among the best electric penis pumps.
The EVO 3.0 penis pumps has the following benefits:

    • Penile enlargement
    • Sex drive boost
    • Straighten penile curvature
  • Promotes full erections

How does the EVO 3.O electric penis pump work?

The EVO 3.0 features an intuitive design that eliminates guesswork from penis enlargement. A normal routine often involves lubricating the pump rim with a water-based lubricant. You insert your penis in the cylinder and choose any speed setting from the three available- slow, medium & high speed settings.
The speed button functions in 4 cycles. The first push of the button triggers the slow speed setting, the second push lands on medium speed, the third push settles on high speed while the fourth click powers down the electric penis pump.
It’s equipped with a quick-release valve that helps relieve pressure. The recommended usage times is 15 minutes per pumping session. You will need about 4 sessions a day to get the desired results. It takes about 6 weeks to get results worth bragging about, however, like all penis pumps you’ll need to keep pumping to maintain the results.
It comes with a USB cord for charging and it is possible to use the pump while charging. Pick one today and enjoy the comfort and effectiveness of using an electric penis pump.

POS-T-VAC, BOS-2000-2 Automatic Penis Pump

Pos T Vac Penis Pump

POS-T-VAC, BOS-2000-2 Automatic Penis Pump is a natural remedy to erectile dysfunction and it is safe to use. It has been made with high quality materials that have passed the stringent quality control standards. This penis pump is an automatic pump that’s battery operated and it works with just the push of a button. All you need is 2 AA batteries and you will have the best results in just a short time. This pump head is simply designed and it allows the guy to activate its motor with just minimal effort.
For optimal and safe operations, POS-T-VAC, BOS-2000-2 Automatic Penis Pump has two independent safety release valves for when the pressure becomes too much. The internal release pump will automatically activate in the perfume creates too much pressure. There is a red button that the user can press to activate the external safety valve. The best thing about this penis pump is that there are no side effects since there are no drugs involved. When this pump is properly used, the man can gain and sustain an erection that can last for up to 30 minutes. POS-T-VAC, BOS-2000-2 Automatic Penis Pump is easy to assemble and just as easy to use.
When buying this penis pump, it comes with;

    • A carrying case
    • An instruction DVD which means you get a step by step instructions
    • Two AA batteries
    • A standard penile tube
    • Loading cone
    • Adapter bushing
    • Support rings that come in 3 sizes
  • An aquagel personal lubricant.

My impression

I cannot begin to describe how satisfied I am by using POS-T-VAC, BOS-2000-2 Automatic Penis Pump. The experience has been beyond amazing; for starters, all you have to do is to press a few buttons and you will have a longer and a bigger penis, not to mention it gives you an erection for 30 freaking minutes! The best thing about this penis pump is the fact that there are no chances of an accident when you are trying to gain an erection because the internal safety valve activates itself when the pressure becomes too much. It is also very easy to use; the tension rings come in handy to help keep an erection for as long as you wish but mostly up to 30 minutes
The other thing that really impressed me was the fact that all you need are 2 AA batteries meaning that you don’t have to wait for the pump to charge before you can use it. Also, the vacuum suction creates a very tight seal between the body and the vacuum cylinder thus drawing lots of blood into your penis thus forming an erection. This erection is gained in a maximum 4 minutes which I think is a pretty good time; I mean no one likes keeping their lady waiting.
There’s nothing not to like about POS-T-VAC, BOS-2000-2 Automatic Penis Pump. I like everything about it. I mean, everything from assembling it to using it is just easy. The fact that it does not leave you feeling blue and there are no side effects is just everything.

RESTORE ED Medical Pump Kit

Restore Can Help ED Penis Pump

RESTORE ED medical pump kit is a trusted device that helps men with erectile dysfunction. This pump was specifically made for men with all types of impotence. The best thing is that it works effectively in dealing with ED regardless of the severity and the cause of erectile dysfunction.
This penis pump can be used by people who have had prostatectomy procedures, people with poor vascular circulation, people with heart diseases, high blood pressure as well as people with diabetes. This kit is covered by Medicare under L7900 meaning your Medicare insurance will cater for it.
It is a non invasive method of dealing with ED and it works effectively 95 % of the time; everything you will ever need is in this single kit. Medics have approved it as a medical grade device and the best thing is that it comes with an instruction guide.
RESTORE ED medical pump kit can be said to work better than any other ED supplements and the fact that it has a 1 year warranty makes it a sure bet to your ED problems. RESTORE ED medical pump kit is an effect treatment that solves all your ED and impotence problems. Try it and see the results.

My impression

I think this pump is one of the best solutions because lifestyle diseases are on the rise and trying to deal with some of these illnesses can render one useless when it comes to sex. With RESTORE ED medical pump kit, you can at least have something to smile about as you wait for your lifestyle illnesses to get healed or at least be under control.
I like this product because it does not have any side effects since it is non-invasive. It can be used for over a year and you will not get any side effects. With RESTORE ED medical pump kit, you are assured of great sex even as you recover from your illness; your relationship does not have to take a break. We all know sex has been said to help in making easier for a patient with the production of feel good hormones and what not. Therefore, get one of these pumps and see your life brighten up as you nurse your illness.
If you don’t have any of the lifestyle diseases but you cant maintain an erection, this penis pump can also come in handy. Just make sure you don’t use it to get a longer and a larger penis.

What could have been better?

What I don’t like about RESTORE ED medical pump kit is the fact that it cannot be used as an enhancement. We all know men pride themselves with having a large penis and an even longer erection; therefore this would have hit two things with a single stone.

THRUST Pro Tech Realistic Vagina Automatic Pump

Thrust Pro Dick Pump

A penis pump that has a vagina orifice, I would say that is a sweet deal worth checking out. Achieving a full erection as the penis pump sucks your penis so as to expand it, on top of that you get to enjoy lifelike sensations. You simply relax and the Thrust Pro penis pump does the rest.
You will need to apply a water-based lubricant on your penis and at the opening of the vagina orifice. Slide your penis into the pump and enjoy the sweet sensations.
The Thrust pro features a standard silicone base that acts as a tight seal. It also has a stretchy opening that can accommodate a wide range of penis sizes.
In addition, it comes with a vagina attachment that is super soft and feels amazing. It is as realistic as a fleshlight sleeve could possibly be. On the inside, it is textured to heighten the sensations and it did not disappoint. You would mistake it for an actual fleshlight sleeve.
Unlike most electric penis pumps, the Thrust pro has a USB rechargeable chamber that can be disassembled for easy cleaning and drying. The pump has two buttons – a power button and a pause/ release button.
This is a pump worth having, you can pump your penis and later on jerk off with the same pump.

Benefits of Using Ed Vacuum Pumps

Studies show that over 80% of men who have used penis pumps are satisfied with the results. It all about getting the best penis pump for you so as to achieve the desired results. Penis pumps have many benefits, which include:

Cures Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that affects more than 20% of men in US alone. It is a problem that plaques men of different ages forcing them to seek non-conventional means in a bid to rectify this issue. Erectile dysfunction has plaques men for centuries and it wasn’t until the 90s when Viagra hit the market that men had some hope of restoration.
But like most pills that are not medically approved, Viagra had it downsides and it lacked the sustainability factor which most men needed to address their unique situations. Around the same time, the penis pump made its come back and it hasn’t disappointed.
Erectile dysfunction is triggered by various pre-existing issues such as diabetes, anxiety, depression or cardiovascular conditions. Vacuum pumps rectify ED by increasing blood flow to your penis allowing you to maintain your erection for longer.

Increasing Penis Size

Often times, a man’s sexual performance is highly dependent on how confident they are with their manhood. When you are physically and psychologically content with your manhood, your sex life will improve significantly.
Numerous studies have been undertaken to prove the effectiveness of penis pumps in penile enlargement and more often than not the results indicate that penis pumps are effective. Some even report that they have gained over 2 inches in length after using it for a few years.
You might be skeptical about the effectiveness of using a penis pump the best way to know if it works is to try.

Peyronie’s Disease

This is a disease that affects the curvature of your erect penis. If you have a curved penis it also means that your penis looks shorter than it should be. This issue may be so severe that it affects your sex life as it causes tremendous pain during erections.
It is a disease whereby plaques (fibrous scar tissue) form under the skin of your penis. This causes curved and painful erections. Note, penises vary in size and shape; therefore, if you have a curved penis it does not necessarily mean that you have Peyronie’s disease. The only cause of concern should be if it is painful.
Peyronie’s disease can be so severe that maintaining an erection and enjoying sex becomes difficult. It also causes anxiety and stress related issues. In some cases, you will find that Peyronie’s disease heals itself on its own but in most cases the situation gets worse or becomes worse.
There was a recent study by the Institute of Urology in London to outline the therapeutic benefits of using penis pumps to correct the said condition. The study consisted of 31 men suffering from Peyronie’s disease and they were to use penis pumps for 3 months. After 3 months of regular usage, 1/3rd of the 31 men reported that they were satisfied with the results. In fact they went ahead to say that they were happy with the results.

Increasing Libido

Penis pumps have proven to be very effective in increasing penile size and restoring hard erections. It doesn’t end there, penis pumps are potent libido boosters. The regular pumping increasing your desire to have sex.
Increase in libido is not a guarantee for all users, to get the desired results it is often recommended that you compliment your pumping with libido enhancing supplements. Pair the libido of a bull and a sizeable erection, you are in for some fireworks.

Types of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps differ in design, quality, working mechanism, type and price. Each type is designed to cater for specific needs. There are three main types of penis pumps:

Manual Penis Pumps

If basic is your kind of thing, then manual penis pumps should work well for you. It is the most basic penis pump and uses the same construction as it did in all its previous versions. The only thing that has changed is the ease of use and materials.
Manual penis pumps are affordable and are often referred to as the best budget penis pumps. They are super easy to use and are recommended for beginners. It working mechanism does not involve the use of batteries, water or electricity all you have to do is pump out the air and the vacuum does the rest.

Electric Powered Pumps

These are vacuum pumps that use an electric pump to pump out the air out of the cylinder. They come with a USB port that allows you to charge your pump. Since the pump is using electric power it will obviously be faster than manual penis pump. You will achieve your results faster than you would using a manual pump.
Electric pumps are very affordable, easy to use and can be used anywhere; in the bathroom, in the bedroom or any other place you prefer. They are among the best budget penis pumps on the market today.

Water Pumps

They are considered premium pumps due to the safer method of operation and the price. Instead of creating a vacuum, hydro pumps use water to create the necessary pressure to get your blood flowing to your penis.
This method is not only safer but it is also better as facilitates for a more uniform blood flow into your penis. Water pumps are also very gentle as it is impossible to overdo the pressure in the chambers.
The best penis pumps in this category are Bathmate and Penomet. Most users, me included, can happily recommend this as they are safe and the results are to drool over.

Factors to consider when choosing the best penis pumps

Know your measurements

Measure your girth and length when full erect and get the exact measurements not estimates. When shopping for the best penis pumps it is advisable that you choose one that’s not too large or smaller than you.
You want a penis pump that you will be comfortable wearing for 20 or so minutes. If the girth and length is smaller than your penis then the pump is useless. Find a pump whose measurements are close to yours. Preferably choose a penis pump that is ¼” larger than your girth. You can always choose one that is larger but ¼” larger than your girth should be the minimum.

Safety is King

I know you want a bigger penis but you have to adhere to all the safety precautions or else you won’t like the results. Read all the instructions carefully. You need to understand that a penis pump is more dangerous compared to a vibrator. You obviously don’t use a vibrator but I hope you got my point.
The biggest risk you can encounter when using a penis pump is over pumping. Most of us want to see the results like yesterday more often than not we end up doing things we will regret. One of these regretful actions is over pumping and/or using the constriction longer than recommended.
For me the best penis pump is one with a pressure gauge as it gives you better control over the pressure. If you accidentally or intentionally over-pump you can relieve the pressure via the pressure relief valve.

Manual vs. Electric Pumps

Some prefer their devices as old school as possible while other prefer new tech. Which one do you prefer? Is it manual or electric? Each of these have different working mechanisms but the end result is the same. Manual pumps are less expensive and the pressure level is determined by how hard you pump with your hands.
Electric pumps are powered by rechargeable batteries and are easier to use than manual pumps. All the actions are controlled by the flip of a switch. They are costlier but totally worth every penny especially for guys who do not have the dexterity or physical strength to operate a manual pump.
If you want a more intriguing pump, you ought to look for hydro pumps. They are safer and provide a more relaxing pumping experience.


How much are you willing to spend on a penis pump? Some of the best penis pumps costs upwards of $100. Know the features you want and gauge them against price. Try to balance budget and the best penis you can get.


This is one factor that matters the most. You want a pump that will outlast its usage not a pump that only a month or two. In most case, you will outgrow your pumps after years of pumping and each time you will need a bigger one.
Choose a pump that’s made of polyurethane, resin or silicone as they last longer.


If you have to buy a penis pump, buy one that’s effective. How do you know if a penis pump is effective? Simple, read customer reviews or reviews like this one of people who have actually used the devices. Some go as far as displaying their and after pictures of their junk, if that helps well and good.

Do penis pumps work?

The million dollar question is whether penis pumps actually work. The answer is yes. Penis pumps have been around since the 1870s. Their main purpose was to correct erectile dysfunction but as time went by, men discovered other uses for the device. Over the years, the effectiveness of penis pumps has been challenged but the result has remained the same.
In 2003, Tehran University conducted a study with a group of 37 men. ‘Vacuum treatment’ was administered 3 times a week for 6 months. After 6 months of pumping, the mean increase in length was 0.3 cm. The increase in length was insignificant but recent studies show an increase in length up to 2 inches with daily pumping.
In 2009, there was a report by Joshua Riverdale that showed an increase in both length and girth when used daily by Transguys to increase their penis size.
All these studies have led to the same conclusion that penis pumps work. So pick the best penis pump and start pumping today.


Do penis pumps really work is one of the most asked questions and to answer you, yes they do really work. These high end penis pumps do work and I can attest to this because I have used one of them when I was having a bit of an issue with my erection. Also, some of my friends have confessed to me that they worked and that they are happy with their sex life. Most of them had tried ED treatments as well as pills but none of them dealt with the problem like the penis pump did.
Besides, most men would rather use penis pumps as compared to penis extenders since the latter can be quite invasive. To get a strong erection, you will only need to use the penis pump for like 15 minutes. Other than maintaining an erection for long, penis pumps also help the user to have a longer and a bigger penis. Therefore, you are not throwing your money away by investing in the best penis pump; you are getting yourself one of the best investments ever. We all love compliments from our ladies, don’t we? Go on and shop for one; your lady will thank you.

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