Clitoral Stimulation Ultimate Guide

Women have many erogenous zones but the most sensitive is the clitoris. It is part of the female genitalia and is related to the penis in that they both come from similar developmental tissues. If you compare an erect clitoris to an erect penis you will notice similarities in shape. They look alike but not fully, the clitoris is like a small penis.

It contains an erectile tissue which allows the clitoris to swell when aroused. The shape and size of the clit will vary from woman to woman. Even the response and changes in shape and size will vary. Some women are likely to notice dramatic changes while others have subtle clitoral erections. Just like a penis, the clitoris has a head and a shaft but not as pronounced as those of a penis.

For most women the clitoris is just small external structure that pops out when aroused. In real sense, there is more to it that what you see. The clitoris has roots that extend down the labia and further into the body. Once stimulated it sends ripples throughout the region, this is why clitoral stimulation feels so good.

Anatomy of the clitoris

The clitoris is that small part in your female genitalia that sticks out like a tiny button. It is composed of four parts: the vestibular bulbs, the paired crura, the clitoral body and the glans.

The glans

This is the part that most people refer to as clitoris. It is the part that is visible and is the size of a pea. It’s extremely sensitive due to the concentration of nerve endings. The function of the glans is to detect stimulation and sensation. It does not have the erectile tissue thus it does not grow or swell during a sexual response.

Above it is the clitoral hood, a part that is formed where the right and left labia minora converge. Clitoral hoods vary in degree of coverage and size.

Clitoral Hood

The clitoris has 8,000+ nerve endings, imagine if the clitoris was left unprotected such that it could rub on your clothes as you walk. That’s too much stimulation for an overly sensitive organ. This is the reason why the clitoral hood exists. Its function is to protect your clitoris from external irritants and excessive stimulation.

The clitoral hood contains glands that produce lubricant known as sebum. The lubricant reduces friction between the glans, clitoral shaft and the clitoral hood.

Does the hood retract? Is it possible to pull it back? Yes and yes. When you are aroused the glans engorges allowing you to move the clitoral hood aside exposing the glans. Some women have large clitoral hoods that do not retract as easily.

  Do clit piercings affect clitoral stimulation?–  A study conducted in 2005, showed that piercing the clitoral hood has little or no impact to clitoral orgasms. However, some women report increased sexual desire combined with increased frequency of arousal. The findings may vary from woman to woman due to the difference in sensitivity, personal preference and hood size. 

Clitoral Body

The better part of the clit is typically not visible when looking directly at the vulva. The visible part is the glans clitoris which is connected to the clitoral body, a part that projects upwards attaching to your pubic bone via ligament.

The paired crura & the vestibular bulbs

From the clitoral body, the clitoris splits into two forming the paired crura and vestibular bulbs. They extend further behind the labia towards the anus. Both the crura and the bulbs contain erectile tissue. During arousal, they fill up with blood and swell up. This increases lubrication in the vaginal canal as well as sensation and sexual stimulation.

Clitoral Stimulation Techniques for explosive oral orgasms

Oral orgasm are fun, kinky and erotic. It feels great watching your partner go down on you and eat the hell out of that pussy. However, the problem some men and women out there is that they do not know how to give head. They are either clumsy or focus on the wrong areas.

If you have experienced this, the best way forward is to teach your partner how to be better in oral stimulation. A big percentage of ladies preferred clitoral stimulation to other types of stimulation such as vaginal penetration. The clitoris is arguably the main source of sexual pleasure for most women. Some refer to the clitoris as the Holy Grail of orgasms. It has 8,000+ nerve endings and its sole function is pleasure.

Your clit is the sweet spot and your partner might as well know how to stimulate it if he/she wants you to orgasm. It take more than just licking to get a woman to orgasm. Well, licking her clit does come in handy but that’s not all.

The clitoris is very sensitive to direct stimulation- a common mistake by most men to reach directly for the clitoris. The best way to get to her clitoris is an outside approach. Instead of stimulating the clit directly your partner should focus on the following oral techniques:


This is a delicate technique that should only performed when you are full aroused. When she is fully aroused her clitoris will swell in other words she will have an erect clitoris. Too much suction at an early stage will exert too much pressure on an already sensitive clitoris. The trick here is to be as gentle as possible. Gently put her clitoris in your mouth and suck on it the same way you would when using a straw.


Circles is an easy technique that delivers every time. Like the name suggests, your partner places his/her tongue close to your clitoris and moves it in circles around the clitoris. This method mainly stimulates the clit hood and clitoris head. Start slow and gentle, as she nears to orgasm increase the speed and pressure.


What is ABC’s? It is an oral technique that involves drawing different shapes around her clitoris. It is more like the circles technique but different shapes aside from circles. You can making interesting by playing the guessing game. Your partner draws a shape around your clit and guess which shape it is. Mix it up a little bit and get creative. There are so many shape your partner can draw on and close to your clit.

The messy eater

It encompasses all oral techniques but in a smorgasbord manner. This means that when your partner goes down on your, he digs in deep without being careful except when approaching the clitoris. Not all women will agree to this one so you better ask her before you do something you will regret.

The Best Sex positions for clitoral stimulation

The clitoris is located 2-5 cm from the vaginal entrance which means most sex positions won’t stimulate the clitoris. Below are a few sex position for orgasmic clitoral stimulation.


It is an old style that many of us have tried at least once. While in this position your man should focus more on connecting as opposed to thrusting. You can always grab his behind and pull him closer to you. Allowing for deeper penetration such that his pelvic area is pressing hard against your clitoris.

Reverse Cowgirl

This position requires the man to lie down on his back while you sit on his manhood facing his feet. It is a tricky position and requires some level of expertise to prevent the dick from popping out. The best way to handle this is to take it slow and sexy. Some sexy grinding is highly recommended.

While in this position you can easily reach down stroke your clit as you grind him. This position also allows for use of clitoral vibrators.

Sofa Doggy style

Doggy style is my all-time favorite sex position. The views from this position are magical. Watching as her asshole winks at me begging for me to dig my tongue in her.

The sofa doggy style you to kneel on the sofa while facing the backrest. Your man comes at you from behind. Unlike the typical doggy style, the couch provides support freeing your arms for some ‘self-love’. This position makes it easy to work on the clitoris with your hand or vibrator as your man does his thing.

For Men Now that you’ve learnt how to use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris, it’s time for some ‘handy work’. Use your hands to stroke her clitoris and not just the glans. Most guys always head straight for the glans like it’s a bull eye they have to hit. Chill! Take it slow. There is an area above her glans that right is the sweet spot. It is undiscovered by most and tapped by few. It feels more like a tiny cord and is known as the shaft. The idea is to stroke it using your middle and index fingers. You can pull the skin back and use your tongue or rub your fingers in circles.

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