How To Clean Your Sex Toys Like A Pro

I always say that life is too short for bad sex, no one wants to have the same kind of sex every day. We are always looking to spice up our bedroom affairs with all the possible ways. I am pretty sure that most couples and singles own sex toys, or have been thinking of investing in several. Personally, I love using various sex toys whenever I have sex with my partner and during solo sessions.

In case you own any kind of adult toy, you probably know the essence of taking care of your toy. If you want to enjoy some real love from your dildo, butt plug or onahole, you have to show it some love too. It is for this reason that I always tell guys to clean their toys before and after use. This is how you ensure that you get the most out of your toy. Nobody would like to replace their plaything after 2 weeks simply because it has started stinking or growing molds.

This post is meant to give you some insights on how to clean sex toys like a pro. I know you do clean your items after use, but there is a possibility that you are not doing it correctly. Just stick with me up to the end of my detailed post, and you'll definitely learn a thing or two.

 Benefits of cleaning your sex toy

  • I am pretty sure you understand that dirty dildos and vibrators can cause nasty vaginal infections. You all now how uncomfortable vaginal infections can be, moreover, they will leave your pussy smelling like fish or even worse. It is therefore imperative to keep your toys clean and sanitized at all times.
  • Cleaning your sex toys prevents the spread of STI infections among partners. Most people share their toys with their partners or friends, and failure to clean them after use might result to the spread of sexually transmitted infections.
  • The other benefit that comes with taking care of your toys is increased durability. With the high amount of money we spend to buy toys, no one would like to have them spoil after a short time. Cleaning the toys and storing them in a safe place is the only way to ensure that they will serve you for a long time.


Methods Of Cleaning Your Sex Toy

You all know that sex toys are manufactured from different materials and each of this material requires special care. I am saying this because some people clean all their sex toys the same way. Luckily, today is the day you are going to learn how to clean every type of sex toys the right way. Make sure you share this post with your friends as they might also find a tip or two that will help them.


This is one of the most effective methods used to clean non-porous sex toys. When I say non-porous toys, I am referring these toys made from ABS plastic, metal, ceramic, silicone and wood. These are the kind of materials that do not allow fluids and bacteria to penetrate through the surface.

I always recommend my readers to sanitize their toys in a dishwasher. You just have to switch to the sanitize setting and remember to pay attention to all the cleaning instructions involving water temperature. You can also sanitize your toys by dipping them in 10% bleach solution and rinsing them before using. In case you are using metal,glass or silicone dildos and plugs, you can opt to boil them for 3 to 5 minutes.

Water Rinse

There are specific toys and masturbators that do not require complex cleaning. A good example is the fleshlight masturbators; they only require to be rinse using running water only. Do not use soap, running water is enough to get the job done.

Quick Clean

This is one of the few methods you can use to clean your non-porous sex toys. For dildos and non motorized vibrators, you only need to clean them with mild soap and water. They will do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning the lube and your juices off the toy. For anal play toys, ensure that you dip them in boiling water to keep the butt scent at bay.


Below are the different types of sex toys materials and how you should clean each one of them to avoid damaging the toys.

How to Clean Silicone Toys

I really love buying silicone sex toys simply because they are durable and easy to clean. Toys that are made from pure silicone can be fully sanitized, thanks to their non-porous nature. Amazingly, you can clean your silicone toys using any method you wish. All you need to do is ensure that you have washed it thoroughly. In case you own a vibrator that is motorized and not covered 100% by silicone material, then it is imperative to pay special attention to all the grooves since bacteria can thrive there.

For those who share their silicone sex toys, it is important to use sanitizing methods as they will work perfectly. If the manufacturers of your sex toys allow the use of alcohol on their products, then you can wipe them using alcohol.


How To clean Metallic Sex Toys

Toys that are made from metal are non-porous, this implies that you can use any cleaning method. Metal can withstand high temperatures, so you can feel free to dip it in boiling water. You just have to ensure that the metal surface is protected by placing a dish towel in the pot.

Avoid using abrasive items to clean your toys as they might ruin the surface of your toy. If you own metallic anal toys , it is always good to clean them using mild soap and water so as to get rid of the butt odor.

Always buy your metal sex toys from reputable dealers or sellers. I am saying this because they are lots of knockoff metal toys sold on Ebay and Amazon. I would also advise you to go for toys made from medical grade stainless steel or aluminum. Some brands will dupe you to buy their stainless steel toys only to find that they are made from copper.

Cleaning ABS Plastic Sex Toys

ABS plastic is known for its non-porous and non-toxic properties. Most companies use ABS plastic on the entire toy or to make the handle. For ABS Plastic sex toys, use soap and water to clean or alcohol wipes. Do not choose ABS plastic toys that are coated in a metallic paint as they will chip off! In case your toy has a Polyurethane coat, do not use alcohol to clean it.

Cleaning Thermoplastic (TPR) Toys

Thermoplastic is a material that is very soft in nature, this explains why it is porous. For such sex toys, you can only wash them with soap and water. I am saying this because there is no guaranteed way to sanitize porous sex toys. Not even an antibacterial sex toy cleaner as it will only clean the surface. Porous materials tend to harbor bacteria and mildew in the pores. In case you won one or two TPR toys, just consider using polyurethane condoms whenever you are playing with the toys. At least they will act as a barrier against the bacteria and molds that are hiding in the pores. I am pretty sure you do not want bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections near your flower pot.

How To Clean Your Fleshlight

Fleshlights are one of the most realistic male masturbators. Luckily, these toys are simple to clean as you only need to use the rinse method. The official site states that you should never use soap to clean fleshlights. Water or Alcohol is enough to clean the body fluids and lube. Since most realistic fleshlights are porous, you should just inspect them regularly to ensure that they do not have black spots or a lingering odor. In case you see the black spots, replace the sleeve immediately as it is no longer safe to use.


Cleaning PVC/Jelly/Latex/ Rubber Sex Toys

These are some of the porous materials that are used to make sex toys. As much as they have an attractive appearance, these toys tend to have so many softening chemicals that can react with the skin. The unfortunate thing is that some of the companies claim that their toys are hypoallergenic in nature, but the truth is that they will cause discomfort to your skin. To be in the safe side, just use condoms whenever you are using these kind of toys. Since all porous toys cannot be sanitized, just use antibacterial soap and water to clean your sex toys.

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