Tips On How To have Period Sex

Period sex has for long been considered a taboo in most societies. Many of these societies view the sexual intercourse while menstruating as dirty or dangerous, and if recent studies are anything to go by all those claims of period sex being dirty and dangerous are unfounded. In fact, a big percentage of women tend to be super horny when menstruating.

Before we dive into period sex we will first address the health concerns that most people have. To start with, period sex is fun, pleasurable and medically approved. There might be one slight wrinkle, period sex is an opportune time for the spread of bacteria such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. This does not mean that you will get any of these bacteria or you are at a higher risk, it is just means that you should probably wear a condom.

Common facts about periods

  1. Accurate tracking of your menstrual cycle is an effective pregnancy prevention method.
  2. STIs are transferred through various means which also includes body fluids and blood. Therefore use barrier protections such as dental dams or condoms when having period sex.
  3. Having sex on your period doesn’t exempt you from getting pregnant. In fact, there is a possibility that you might get pregnant since sperms survive in the uterus for close to 5 days. It is advisable that you have sex at the start of your menstruation if you prefer it raw and wear a condom as the end nears.
  4. It is highly unlikely for your partner to contract any infection from your period blood unless you already have an infection.

What are some of the benefits of having sex during your period?

Having sex on your period has its share of upsides, which include:

Orgasms the perfect relief for cramps

I know, menstrual cramps hurt like hell and what better way to get your mind of your cramps than to have an orgasm. Orgasms help relax the uterus which had contracted to release the lining. The stronger your orgasm, the more your uterus will relax and the more your cramps will subside. There are many ways to achieve an orgasm but the most effective involves the use of clitoral vibrators and g-spot vibrators.

Sex is known to trigger the release of endorphins, a chemical component that makes you feel good. Besides, having sex or being aroused helps take your mind of your discomfort.

Natural Lubrication

A big percentage of women don’t produce as much natural lubrication as they would want, which is why their partners often resort to buying lube. This problem goes away during your period since your body is producing extra fluids such as blood which act as natural lubricants.

Increased sex drive

Hormonal fluctuations in the body often increases your libido especially during the menstrual cycle. This can happen either during ovulation or during your period.

Shorter Periods

Muscle contraction in the uterus during an orgasm is said to speed up the process of shedding the uterine lining. Normally, the menstruation period lasts for about 7 days but with period sex and explosive orgasms, the duration might reduce to about 2-3 days.

Is period sex as gross as they say?

Most people think that is having sex is gross and messy, which is not completely wrong but there is nothing to worry about. Sex tends to be a little bit messy especially if your partner squirts and on top of that you add semen. After all that we always clean up and ensure that the room looks neat. This is exactly the same thing you will do when having period sex.

To be honest, most dudes don’t care if it gets messy or not they just want to smash and worry about the rest later. So if you are want to have sex on your period then go ahead and have sex. Use a towel to contain the mess.

Tips to Enjoy Period Sex

Engage in extra-slow foreplay

Women tend to be hypersensitive during their periods even the slightest touch can send ripples to her entire body. During this period, your hormones are always on overdrive making it easier for you to experience an orgasm through penetration or even touch.

This is where foreplay comes in. And the thing about foreplay is that you need to master the art of foreplay. Learn to use foreplay to build up anticipation and heighten arousal. You might not be comfortable giving or receiving oral sex during your period but you can help your partner play with your breasts, nipples, inner thighs and gently teasing your clit with his/her tongue. That’s more than enough stimulation to get you to orgasm.

Use special sheets

Since you don’t want to mess up your regular sheets, why don’t you cover them up with a different material such as rubber sheets? This will contain the mess and the cleanup will be easy.

Shower Sex

If blood isn’t something you like seeing, you can try having period sex in the shower. The blood acts as natural lubrication while washing away the menstrual blood as it flows out. You can also have sex in the bathtub as the flow ceases temporarily since your lady bits are submerged under water.

Use Blindfolds

Is there a better time to explore all your other senses that during your period? I don’t think so. You are on your period, your hormones are on overdrive and your senses are heightened. Use it to your pleasure. You can’t always be complaining about cramps when you have all that at your disposal.

Let your partner blindfold you and relinquish control to them. Let them do as they please. Your senses will be hypersensitive trying to figure out what your partner is going to do next. Experiment with different sensations, try ice cubes, nibbles and even nails.

Try Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups and discs are designed in such a way that you can have sex while still wearing them. They will contain the flow allowing you to have sex without worrying about spills and leaks.

It’s anal time

Although most women tend to be super horny during their periods not all of them are comfortable with having vaginal sex during their menstrual flow. You are horny, you are on your period and you don’t want vaginal sex. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Does period sex feel better?

In some ways it does feel that normal sex due to hormonal changes and increased sensitivity. So yeah, you might actually enjoy period sex more than you would normal sex.

The ovaries produce progesterone, which is a hormone that is tasked with preparing the endometrium for egg fertilization, before ovulation. This means that if fertilization does not occur and the uterine lining is shed through menstruation then your progesterone levels will be very low. Progesterone is said to have an impact on libido in that it lowers your libido. The hormone is at its lowest when the menstruation begins, which is one of the reasons you often feel super horny during your periods.

You are likely to experience an increase in your sex drive as your menstrual cycle progresses to its second week. This is attributed to the increase in testosterone and estrogen levels during the second week. And as you know, estrogen is a boost to your sex drive, moods and energy. During the second week, the chances of you getting pregnant skyrocket since you are not only horny but you are also ovulating.

Best Period Sex Positions


During their periods women often tend to experience pelvic congestion- a heaviness that triggers arousal. This experience results in an increased sex drive in some women and in others it doesn’t. Due to this, the best way to have sex is while in gentle positions such as spooning. Spooning allows you to experiment with different angles and depths of penetration.

Shower Sex

Sex in the shower is hot AF. You simply can’t hate sex in the shower, with water dripping all over your bodies while y’all go at it. That is a scene to behold.

And the best part is that there is no mess, the blood is washed away and on top of that there is no need to use lube.

The bathroom tends to slippery due to soap, shampoos, etc. It is advisable that you try doggy style as it is a stable position since you are on all fours. The bent-over position can also work in this case or even sex in the bathtub. It’s up to you to choose the one that you prefer or you try them all.


Missionary is a classic that never goes out of style. It is the ideal position for period sex since it involves you laying down on your back which means the blood flow will be minimal.

However, don’t let the little mess stop from having fun. Have sex the way you like it, you will clean up later but for now have fun and feel good.

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