How To Increase Penis Size Fast & Naturally

Ask any man if he wishes his penis were longer and bigger. The likely answer is either yes or maybe.  More than 50% of men want a bigger penis, I would. It doesn’t really matter how endowed you are, you still wish it were just a little bit bigger. Ever watched porn and noticed that most of the guys that feature in adult films have massive cocks? Like how did that happen? What are they doing right to get such big junk? It is intimidating but the saving grace is that women say that size doesn’t matter.

It’s funny how they say that size doesn’t matter but you will find them drooling over a guy with a huge penis.

Does size matter?

Any credible sexologist will tell you that size doesn’t matter. Men don’t always agree with this statement and are always in search of the best way to increase penis size faster. Size might not matter to women but it does matter to men.

The fear that one’s penis size is too small to have any pleasurable effect on your partner is not uncommon. However, studies show that most guys that have this thought tend to have a normal-sized penis. It’s all in your head.

Recent studies suggest that the normal penis size is actually exaggerated and the length of flaccid penis does not correlate to the length when erect. A penis is considered a micropenis if it is less than 3 inches when erect.

The average penis measures between 5-7 inches and only a small percentage of men have a penis that is either larger or small than this.

Does size really matter? You will be surprised to know that most women don’t even care as long as you know you how to use your penis to give her great orgasms. In fact, some even claim that the best sex they’ve ever had was from men with small dicks. So don’t worry just screw her right and she won’t even notice it’s small.

How to increase penis size faster

Is it possible to increase the size of your penis? Yes it is.

The thought that your penis is small is actually a condition referred to as penis dysmorphic syndrome. You don’t need surgery or male enhancement pills, you need to see a shrink.

Fortunately, there a few easy ways to overcome the penis dysmorphic syndrome and they include:

Trim your pubes

I don’t like trimming my bush it feels kind of weird and leaves me feeling like I’m naked.  My ‘mane’ gives me a sense of pride. A few years back I was playing with a pair of scissors, one thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was working on my pubes. I ‘accidentally’ trimmed half of my mane and had no choice but to trim everything. I felt so cold and exposed.

Few days later, I was seated on a couch doing what I do best- beat my meat. And as I gained a full erection I noticed that my junk looked bigger than before the trim. Men! That bush must have been hiding some part of my dick. Since then I always trim my bush.


Jelqing is an exercise that involves stretching your semi-erect penis. It is an exercise that requires you to follow a workout program and it takes about seven minutes or less.

This technique works best with a semi-erect penis, hold the head of your penis between your index finger and the thumb. While in this position attempt to stretch it to a comfortable length. Keep it in this position for 20-30 seconds.

Allow your penis go back to its original position. Pull it towards your belly button and hold it in that position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat the procedure but instead of pulling it up and down pull it to your right then to your left. Allow your penis to rest for a few minutes then repeat the procedures one after the other.

This procedure might sound easy but actually it is not. If you are a beginner you are likely to encounter one problem- you will get a full boner halfway through your exercise. It is annoying, I’m trying to exercise my penis and it sends a message to the brain that I’m masturbating. It leaves you in a dilemma, “Do I continue jelqing or do I masturbate?”

It is not easy but once you master control you should be in a position to finish your jelqing exercises without getting a full boner. If you get a full boner don’t continue until it subsides. If you decide to continue just know that you are risking nerve damage and even rupture of soft tissues.

Remember to use lube and lots of it so as not to rough up your penis.

Kegel exercises

PC muscle exercises are highly effective in women and also men with bladder or prostate issues. Most men don’t know that these exercises are also effective in improving their sexual performance. The primary purpose of kegel exercises is to give men better control over their erections. Which is just as important as having a big penis. Maintaining an erection and having control over the erection is everything. Below are steps to achieve this:

  1. Locate your PC muscle, it is somewhere between your scrotum and your anus.
  2. If you can locate it, try moving your erect penis from one side to the other without using your hands. You should be able to locate the pc muscle with this exercise.
  3. Now that you’ve located the pc muscle begin by contracting it for about 20-30 times.
  4. Do this every day and increase the number of contractions as you get used the exercise.

The idea here is gain as much control over the pc muscle as you can. Control over your pc muscles means you can control your erections.

Penis extenders

They are plastic devices that consist of a traction device and a plastic ring. The plastic ring is secured at the base of your flaccid penis, a second ring sits at the head while the traction device runs along your shaft. The idea here is to literally stretch your flaccid penis and hope that it grows bigger.

Recent studies show that is some truth in the claim that penis extenders can increase penis size. One of these studies had 15 men who were required to use penis extenders for 6 months. During the period under review, the 15 men increased the traction force from 1.3 lbs. to 2.6 lbs. The average increase in flaccid length was 0.9 inches.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are wonderful devices that were invented for erectile dysfunction. The more men used this device, the more they started to notice gains in penis length and girth. A device that started as a way to correct erectile dysfunction is now a way to increase penis size.

How does a penis pump work?

They consist of a plastic cylinder that encloses your penis and creates a vacuum around your penis. The pressure difference triggers blood flow into your penis, which results in temporary increase in size. The gains are temporary but if you continue using it regularly the results will be permanent.

Do you know how to use a penis pump?

Traction Devices

Although traction devices work, they are not your everyday go to device for penile enlargement. Some of its users claim that after using the device for certain period they noticed increase in length about 2 cm. I know 2cm are not a lot but it is a start.

The one thing I don’t like about traction devices is that they are highly impractical. Every day, you have to wear the device for several hours to get the desired effect. That’s a lot of time walking around with a device attached to your dick.

Consult a doctor before you decide to use a traction device, as there are risks associated with using these devices. Long term usage could result in injury or other side effects especially if you don’t follow the instructions.

Is surgery an option?

I know a number of guys who have contemplated going surgery to alter the size and shape of their dicks. None of them went ahead with surgeries since the cost of the respective surgeries were high. A full surgery comprising of girth enhancement and lengthening cost upwards of $15,000.

Penis length surgery

It involves cutting the ligament that attaches your penis to the pubic bone. The skin is then grafted to the base of the penis to add length. It adds about an inch or two to your length. This comes at a cost as you are likely to lose the firmness of your erection. There is a high risk that your penis may not be as firm as it used to be before the surgery. You now have to direct your erect penis into erotic openings. Consult a specialist before going for this surgery, you might get the size you want but lose the firmness you had. I’m all for size but what’s the use of a big penis if it can’t direct itself to an opening?

Girth Surgery

Girth surgery often involves injecting fat from other body parts such as the buttocks under the penis skin. These type of surgeries claim to increase the girth by up to 4cm. Like most surgeries, girth surgery has its downsides. They include scarring, lumpiness, disfigurement or even infection.

Studies show that the gains are temporary as the body reabsorbs the fat after a while and the penis returns to its usual size.


Unlike the previous two surgeries that involve extracting part of the body and adding it to another, liposuction is procedure that involves removing excess fat from your lower abdomen. This reveals about 2 cm of penis length that had was previously hidden by excess fat.

Male enhancement pills

There are so many of these on the market. Over 70% don’t work and they are not regulated by the FDA. All manufacturers claim that their pills work but very few are backed by scientific studies. Be careful what you take, don’t just take any enhancement pill in the name of increasing the size of your penis.

At best, the male enhancement pills will work and not have any adverse effects on you. At worst, the pills may contain potentially noxious ingredients.

Are there other noninvasive methods to increase penis size?



  • Lose the pot belly- like earlier said small penis size is mostly psychological and having a big belly affects your view of your penis. A big belly obstructs the full view of your penis especially the base making it look smaller. Lose some of that fat and you will get a full view of your penis.
  • Exercise regularly- regular exercises improve arterial health, which improves blood flow into the penis. You can also exercise the penis itself but the effects are minimal. If exercising the ‘love muscle’ caused a significant increase in penis size, then some of us would have 20 inch dicks from regular masturbation. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.
  • Embrace meditative relaxation- It might sound stupid that too much worrying and anxiety causes the smooth muscles in the penis to contract. The penis has arteries that are surrounded by smooth muscle tissue. If the smooth muscles contract, they constrict the arteries reduce blood inflow and circulation. This triggers a decrease in size. The more you relax, the more your muscles relax opening up the arteries, increasing blood flow and penis size.
  • Quit smoking- the size of an erect penis depends on the blood inflows to the organ. If the amount of blood flowing in reduces, be sure your penis size will decrease. Smoking has an effect on arteries as it narrows them thus reducing blood flow to various organs including the penis.


  • Eat more vegetables and fruits- reduce your weekly intake of diets with high animal fat content and increase your daily servings of vegetables and fruits.  

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