How to use a fleshlight For An Awesome Experience

The usage of fleshlights looks very basic, it has a lip shaped hole/vagina on one end and you obviously know how to use your penis. All this is true, however, you could get more if you could apply our tips on how to use a fleshlight. 

The basic use of a fleshlight is intuitive, it is as simple as ‘take this’ and ‘put it here.’ Which is so boring and everyone does it, so how about you add a little bit of creativity and enjoy different sensations from the same toy? One thing is for sure, the fleshlight might not be a real pussy but the orgasm will.

How to use a fleshlight 

First things first, you’ve got to warm that shit. The experience and sensations need to be enjoyable and realistic, which is where warming your fleshlight comes into play. Hold on a minute, by warming your fleshlight I don’t mean you put it in your microwave or any other heating appliance. Simply remove the sleeve and submerge it in a bowl/basin of warm water for about 5 minutes. DO NOT BOIL THE SLEEVE!!

The other cool method you can use to warm your masturbator is inserting a fleshlight sleeve warmer. This device was designed with the purpose of warming fleshlight sleeves. In fact, I have been using the sleeve warmer to heat all my fleshlights. You can purchase it from the official store for 30 bucks only.

As you warm your fleshlight it is advisable that you also warm your lubricant as it helps maintain the temperatures as you use the fleshlight.

After warming your sleeve for five minutes, take it out, shake it dry and place it back in its case. Apply the lubricant to your skin and the fleshlight, Fleshlube Water is my preferred lube. Once you are done, the fleshlight is now ready to use.

Before you use your fleshlight it is important to note a few things about lube. One, the material used in making fleshlights is only compatible with water-based lubricants. Other lubes that are not water-based will damage the material used to make the fleshlights. Two, depending on your sensitivity to the texture of the fleshlight you might want to apply either a thinner or thicker coat of lube.

Once all that is settled you can now penetrate your fleshlight and enjoy.

Tricks on How To Use a Fleshlight

The Shoe Trick

Instead of jerking off while using your hands, how about doing it hands-free? Simply place your fleshlight into a shoe, with the vagina shaped end facing outwards. Push it into the shoe as far as it can go, place your shoe (preferably low profile shoes such as converse) on a flat surface. This position tries to mimic the missionary style.

The hands-free technic is not only applicable to shoes, you can place it between couch cushions, mattresses and pillows. Instead of all that hassle you can buy a fleshlight show mount that mounts on smooth surfaces such as glass panels and wall tiles.

Go Skinless/ Bareback

Have you ever tried jerking off with the case of the fleshlight removed? If you haven’t then you don’t know what you’ve been missing out on. Simply detach the sleeve from the case and stretch the sleeve over your penis and balls too. Immerse yourself in the different sensations as you it, use both hands for extra pressure. One of the upsides of going skinless and using both hands is that you can adjust the pressure exerted on the sleeve. You can squeeze harder but carefully to produce a resounding orgasmic effect.

Before using a bareback sleeve it is advisable that you powder the exterior to prevent sticking and improve the feel. Take caution while stretching the sleeve over your balls. Excessive stretching will cause damage to your sleeve, so be careful.

Mutual Masturbation

Every tried to jerk off with your partner or as he/she watches? It is one of the best way to build up tension and arouse each other before y’all get to fucking. You also get to watch and learn what your partner likes without having asking them. Get your fleshlight, apply all the necessary lube, your partner does the same with a fleshlight/dildo or whatever he/she fancies. Sit down, get busy, watch and learn. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact and talk dirty.

Ask for help

Instead of masturbating on your own, ask your partner to help you do it. It is a great way of relinquishing control to your partner, having her tease you but instead of letting you fuck her she helps you masturbate using a fleshlight. You might want to try that if you are into power play. Allow her to tease you for a while, once you are rock hard and all you want to do is penetrate her, she whips out a fleshlight and fucks you with that fleshlight to oblivion. Chances are that he/she will do a better job fucking you with the fleshlight than you would alone.

The Fleshlight Motion

While the shoe trick might be fun, the fleshlight motion is more dignified. It has a more elaborate set up and allows you to masturbate hands-free. Another upside to using the fleshlight motion is that it does not confine you to one position. You can go for doggy style, cowgirl hardware, or missionary and experience a pocket pussy the way it was intended with little or no work. It feels so real that you would mistake it for a real vagina. It is as good as it gets.

The Mattress Trick

As we were discussing the Shoe Trick we mentioned the use of a mattress as an alternative to shoes. You see, for the fleshlight motion you spend close to $100 to achieve a hands-free orgasm. How about we take a page from MacGyver’s play book and build our ‘fleshlight motions’ with what’s available? The standard setup requires a bed with a mattress and a boxspring.

How do you setup your bed?

It’s easy, you lift up your mattress, slide the fleshlight to your preferred position and let the mattress back down. From where you are standing, you can adjust the position of the silicone orifice end. If you want it to protrude more you pull it out slightly if not, push it back to your desired length. Once everything is in position, you can try it out with caution and adjust where necessary.

The upside to using the mattress trick is that you can place your favorite porn magazine, tablet or laptop on the mattress as you enjoy yourself.

Pound away in that doggie style!

How do you maintain a fleshlight?

The fun is over and it is now time to clean up. Here are a few things to remember:

Do not use any type of soap on your sleeve- Why shouldn’t I use soap on my fleshlight? It’s because soap damages the fleshlight and could easily burn your skin while using the fleshlight.

For thorough cleaning, use isopropyl alcohol.

If you opt to go skinless, you can keep your sleeve soft by sprinkling cornstarch as your powder on the fleshlight sleeve to prevent sticking, keep it soft and realistic.

If cornstarch is not available do not use talc or baby powder on your fleshlight.

To clean, rinse both the canister and sleeve in warm water. Allow enough time for both to dry before closing the caps or storing them.

For complete drying, place the different parts on a towel and leave the in a well-ventilated area preferably near an air conditioning duct or a fan.

How does using a fleshlight feel?

First time I saw a fleshlight I was a bit skeptical and I was like naah I don’t need that. I had never seen it in person until I decided to buy one just to see if it works better than my hands. Let’s face it, we all take matters into own hands every now and then. Buying a fleshlight didn’t seem like a bad idea, neither was it good but I was willing to try.

I went and searched online, found a store that delivers discreetly and in two days’ time my order was shipped. Took a while to gather up the courage to open the box, whip out my dick, get some lube and log on to pornhub. I carefully read all the instructions. I applied some lube on the opening of the sleeve and some on my dick. Went to pornhub and perused through what was available trying to get the perfect clip for the perfect moment. It was my first time so it had to be perfect.

I wore my headphones and increased the volume, watched for a while until I was hard enough to penetrate. Looked at the fleshlight for a moment and I was like, “It better be worth it.” With one last gasp I slid the pocket pussy onto my dick. Whooooa! It was ecstatic, it was like having sex and better than using your hands. I was there masturbating while trash talking and to make it even better when I removed the case I could stretch it over my balls. It felt like a lady was tea bagging my balls. Took a while but I finally had my orgasm and it was amazing. I stood there for about two minutes with my ass clenched wondering what just happened coz that felt awesome. Had to try it again just to confirm. After I was done I cleaned up and went for a drink feeling very proud.

If you haven’t tried a fleshlight, you have no idea what you are missing. 

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  1. I tried the shoe method recently, it’s so much fun!!
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