How To Use A Penis Pump Properly

There are numerous myths and rumors about penile enlargement, most of them claim to work but very few live up to their claims. All men have contemplated enlarging their penises even if it’s just once. It’s human nature to want ‘bigger’ things in life. And if there is one thing that men love is their cocks, the bigger the better.

Unfortunately, this is a topic that is marred by confusion and misinformation from dubious pharmaceuticals claiming to have medications that can help in penile enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that’s characterized by the inability to either develop or maintain a hard-on during a sexual encounter. It is reported that in 1874, a doctor known as John King invented a penis pump and at that time its sole purpose was to secure an erection. But as time went by, men started noticing gains in penis length and girth after using penis pumps for a while.

Nowadays penis pumps are marketed for both erectile dysfunction and penile enlargement.  

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a device that’s designed to combat erectile dysfunction and increase penis size. Generally, penis pumps comprise of the following parts:

  • The Airtight Cavity: It is made of various materials such as glass, fiberglass or stiff plastic. This is where you insert your penis and it is designed to withstand the pressure resulting from pumping. It is also large enough to accommodate various penis sizes.
  • The pump: This is the part that pushes out air during as you pump. It is connected to the airtight cavity via a tubing that directs air towards the pump. They are either operated manually or electronically.
  • The constriction ring: It is found at the base of the cavity and provides a secure grip around the base of your erect penis. It serves two functions; to provide an airtight vacuum and to maintain the gains in length and girth even after the pumping process is complete.

What does a penis pump do?

A penis pump works by creating enough negative pressure in the cavity, which in turn generates a force that is said to expand penis tissues outwards. The negative pressure is normally generated by pumping. The use of a penis pump is always equated to bodybuilding, the more you work out the pronounced your results will be. The same applies to using a penis pump. The more you follow the recommended usage, the bigger your penis gets and the gains tend to last longer.

A penis pump works by creating micro-tears in your shaft. This a principle that supports the growth of muscle in the body. You see, the more you overload a muscle it causes micro-tears in both the tissue and muscle. As the cells grow, there is increased blood flow to the penis causing it to increase both in size and hardness.

However, just like in bodybuilding, the gains will vary from one individual to another. Some will record gains in penis size while record no gains at all. The difference will be in the consistency.

Why do men use penis pumps?

There are several reasons that may warrant the use of a penis pump and they include:

  • If you suffering from erectile dysfunction making it had for you to develop a full erection and even maintain it.
  • If you have poorly controlled diabetes
  • If you have undergone colon cancer surgery or prostate surgery
  • Poor blood flow to your penis
  • If you are not contented with your penis size and would like to increase its size through noninvasive means
  • Psychological issues such as anxiety and depression

What cause erectile dysfunction?

Earlier on we touched on erectile dysfunction but we didn’t really get into the potential causes. And since erectile dysfunction is the main reason penis pumps were created, it is only fair that we touch on the causes.

  1. Excessive drug and alcohol use
  2. Increased anxiety
  3. Underlying health issues such as heart conditions or poorly controlled diabetes
  4. Underlying mental health issues
  5. Physical injuries to the groin that resulted in damage

Some of these causes might trigger erectile dysfunction individual while others trigger ED when there are two underlying issues. This makes erectile dysfunction harder to treat. But a penis pump may be exactly what you need to get your penis in shape for some ‘action’.

How to use a dick Pump Correctly

Assuming you have the best penis pump in hand, we go ahead and guide you on how to use it. First things first, read the instructions it surely doesn’t hurt and takes two minutes at most. Also, ensure that your penis pump has a pressure relieve gauge as well as a pressure gauge. These two additions will give you better control over your pump.

The pressure gauge is designed to gauge the force thus ensuring that you don’t exceed the recommended pressure level. As for the pressure relieve gauge, it relieves pressure from the pump simply by the flick of a finger.

Before you start pumping, it is advisable that you trim your pubes to provide a smooth surface for a tight seal. Start with a warm-up exercise that induces blood flow to your penis as it helps reduce the chances of damage immediately after pumping.

An example of these warm-up exercises include immersing a towel or piece of cloth in hot water, squeezing it dry and placing it around your penis for about 2 minutes. Repeat the process 3 more times. As you do warm-up your penis, don’t forget to rinse the cylinder with hot water.

Once the warm-up exercise are complete, stroke your penis for a few minutes to achieve a full erection. A semi-erect penis will also get the desired results. Apply lubrication to the base of the pump cylinder so as to create a snug seal.

  1. Insert your penis in the cavity and ensure that your balls are not sucked into the pump cylinder.
  2. Secure the base to your body, which should create a tight seal between the penis pump and your skin. Like earlier mentioned, trim your pubes so that the pump is in direct contact with your skin.
  3. Pump out the air. This can be done either manually or by pressing a switch. The specifics of pumping out air depends on the brand. The process entails sucking out air from the cavity which in turn creates pressure due to the presence of a vacuum. Pump slowly and allow enough time for your penis to adjust accordingly to the change in pressure. Continue squeezing to the desired pressure level.
  4. Monitor the pressure level using the pressure gauge.
  5. Ensure that you don’t exceed the recommended pressure level nor should you exceed the recommended daily usage. 15-20 minutes should be enough time for a beginner.
  6. After 15-20 minutes, deflate the pump by triggering the release valve.
  7. Allow your penis to rest for a few minutes before embarking on strenuous physical activities

Once you are done pumping be sure to check your penis for unusual discoloration. If the discoloration is pronounced and you are also experiencing pain it is advisable that you cease pumping. But in case you feel alright after massaging your shaft, you can continue pumping.

Penis Pump Video

Penis Pump Techniques

There are several techniques that you can use to stimulate penile enlargement as well as the efficiency of the penis pump.


It is a popular technique that is geared at promoting as well as maintaining blood flow and circulation within your penis. The technique is said to train and strengthen internal chambers of your penis. The technique resembles masturbation the only difference is that you are holding the pump instead of your penis. It involves an up and down action. Try and limit the use of this technique to under 7 minutes, be gentle and do not use excess force.

Pulse Pumping

This is another effective technique that aids in blood circulation. It also a form of muscle exercise that targets the male genitalia. The techniques revolves around the use of different levels to stimulate improved blood flow to the penis. The technique involves setting the pressure level at its highest and after minutes lower it. Wait for a few more minutes and drop the pressure level to the lowest. Once you are through with the first session, repeat the process but this time start with the lowest pressure setting and work your way up.


This is an all-round technique that not only improves blood circulation in the penis but it also in the groin area and the hips. This results in harder erections and for longer. technique uses the same principle as milking the only difference is that you do use your hands for the up and down movement. Instead, you will move your hips to generate the up and down motion.


t is a technique that involves the use of a heat source such as heating blankets, heating pads or warm packs around the cavity covering your penis. The warmth from the heat source dilates the blood vessels allowing your penis to maintain the erection for longer.


Do penis pumps works?

Is penis pumping effective in helping erectile dysfunction? Recent studies show that about 50-80% of men are satisfied with the results of penis pumping. However, the results may vary depending on the penis pump you are using, the procedure you are using and how well you are following the instructions.

Nowadays penis pumps are being recommended by medical professionals in the USA as effective methods for erectile dysfunction and even penile enlargement to some extent.

How does pumping feel?

A large percentage of men find penis pumping to be pleasurable, which is not entirely surprising since the mechanism through which it works is similar to masturbation. The sensation from pumping can be equated to masturbating or getting a blowjob. It might feel even better than getting a blowjob since the suction power is powerful compared to that of your partners mouth.

And it’s not just the sensation as your penis is sucked, it is also the feeling you get as you watch you watch your penis grow bigger. It is euphoric.

However, past the pleasurable sensations is pain. If you pump too hard you will start experiencing pain. Which is not entirely surprising since you are exerting force on your shaft and if the force exerted is too much you will start experiencing pain.

Pain is a natural response by the body as it reacts to a situation where something is wrong and your body is not comfortable. Pain lets you know when you overdo something. For example, if you pump too hard past the recommended ‘safe zone’ you are likely to experience discomfort which ultimately leads to pain.

The pain experienced as a result of over-pumping is likened to the feeling of crushing your penis. The outward force triggers a feeling that is close to that of dick implosion.

Limit your pressure levels to the level that you are you are comfortable and if you start experiencing pain just release some of that pressure.

Penis Pump Safety

As the old adage says, “too much of anything is poisonous.” The same principle applies in dick pumps, you have to heed several safety measures so as to enjoy your pumping sessions.

These safety measures include:

  1. A session should not last more than 20 minutes. Try to limit your penis pumping to less than 20 minutes every day especially if you are beginner.
  2. Limit your penis pumping to not more than 2 sessions a day. Even though you want your penis like yesterday don’t over work your penis. Instead of having a bigger penis you will expose your penis to the risk of damage.
  3. You know your body better than anyone so listen to it and if you start experiencing pain while pumping then STOP.
  4. If the pain does not subside or go away completely, consult a medical professional.

After a pumping session

After each session repeat the hot towel wrap we had mentioned earlier as it helps stimulate blood circulation in the penis. Also, keep off tight pants and if possible don’t wear underwear for a few minutes. The whole point of pumping is to allow blood circulation in your penis and the moment you wear tight pants it undoes what you had achieved after pumping. Besides it doesn’t hurt to walk around the house naked for a while.

Does penis pumping have any benefits?

Most of the users of the penis pumps have reported that penis pumps works for them. The duration of an erection varies from individual to individual but most tend to last for 30 minutes.

You can even the dick pump as foreplay just before y’all have sex. Not only will you get a full erection that will last for 30 minutes or more but you will also get to experience the sensation of getting a blowjob.

Penis pumps are safe to use and do not exhibit any side effects associated with erectile dysfunction medications. And since it is noninvasive it reduces the cost of recurring surgeries, the risk of penis damage or the loss of sensation in the penis.

It is also less expensive compared to medications or other surgical treatments.

Penis pumps are effective after surgical procedures related to prostate cancer or radiation therapy sessions for prostate cancer.

Penis pumps can also be used together with other erectile dysfunction treatments such as ED pills.

Risks associated with pumping

If it is done right, then you don’t have to worry about any side effects. Listen to your body and how it responds to penis pumping. Our bodies respond differently to various treatments, which means that your body might only allow you to use the penis pump only once a day while I can use it 2-3 times a day or vice versa.

For safe pumping, just follow the instructions and you’ll be good to go.

If the pressure exceeds the ‘safe zone’ you are likely to injure your penis or experience mild-bleeding especially under the surface of the skin. This is likely to leave petechiae or red spots on your penis.

Some men report that constant use of the penis pump takes away the spontaneous sensation of a sexual encounter. This does not happen for everyone but if this happens you have to stroke your penis or get a blowjob to get achieve a full erection.

Keep off penis pumping if you are using blood-thinning medications as it could easily lead to internal bleeding complications. Also, if you have any blood disorder consult a medical professional before using a penis pump.

Other Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

The use of penis pumps is one of the safest and most effective means of treating erectile dysfunction. Other treatment options include:

  • Penile implants- This involves placing a prosthetic rod in your penis. A button is positioned under the skin just close to your scrotum and once it’s pushed, the rod is filled with a saline solution which triggers an erection.
  • Oral ED medications- these include tadalafil (Cialis) or sildenafil (Viagra).
  • Penile injections or suppositories

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