How To Warm A Fleshlight In 5 Minutes – 2021

Nowadays warming up a fleshlight sleeve has pretty much become a standard practice. Wet, cold holes might be fun for some but I prefer my holes warm. Owning a fleshlight sleeve is not just about enjoying ‘self-love’ at the comfort of your home, it also entails enjoying it as if it were real sex. This means that everything has to be realistic and this includes the temperature of the fleshlight. This articles i will take you through severals ways i heat up my fleshlight sleeves.

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The quality that distinguishes fleshlights from other men toys is the realism and the attention to detail. Personally, I like to enjoy my fleshlight while watching videos of my favorite fleshlight girls as it helps me connect with the fleshlight in a way that it feels like I’m actually screwing the fleshlight girl. The physical attributes and allure of the fleshlight have to be perfect and an exact replica of the flashlight model.


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Fleshlight Girls | Stoya

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Fleshlight -Adriana Chechik

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There are several things that distinguish skin-to-skin sex and masturbating with a fleshlight and the main one is the warmth. You got to admit that the warmth you feel as you penetrate your partner is magical and it wraps around your penis so well that you don’t feel like pulling out. This experience is not replicated in a fleshlight, which means that you have to figure out how to warm your fleshlight.

Although fleshlight sleeves are made using material that guarantee a realistic feel, they lack an essential quality that is not only natural but also necessary to complete the experience. Our veins have blood flowing through them and the blood creates warmth that fleshlight masturbators lack

How To Warm up a Fleshlight like a pro

1. Use a sleeve fleshlight warmer

Fleshlight sleeve makers have a device that is USB powered and makes it easy to warm a sleeve - fleshlight heater or warmer. Unlike other methods which involve some mess, sleeve warmers are easy to use and they always leave your sleeve dry just as it should be. You simply plug it into a power source, the unit lights up at the base as an indication it is warming up your sleeve. Once it reaches the optimal temperature, the warmer switches off automatically after the light goes out. If you leave it there for long and the sleeve cools down, the sleeve warmer turns on automatically and the cycle continues until you plug it off.

As tantalizing as this device might look don’t shove it up your ass 🙂 or anywhere else other than your fleshlight.

2. Use warm water to warm fleshlight sleeve

Fill your sink with warm water and remove the sleeve from its case. Place it in the sink and leave it to soak for about 5 minutes. Rinse the sleeve with hot water and place it back in its case. You can wrap it with a towel to prevent heat loss. Apply lube and get started. You can use it while in the shower so as to contain the mess and making clean up easy.

3. Use a hair dryer

The use of a hair dryer is another effective method to warm up a fleshlight. It is as easy as blowing hot air into the sleeve canal. Be sure to keep a safe distance between the hair dryer and the opening of the canal. It is more effective than using warm water and also lasts for longer since there is no water involved.

Which method do you prefer to warm your fleshlight? If you know other methods of warming up a fleshlight that are just as effective, leave a comment below.