Best Cock Rings Ultimate Guide

Best Cock Rings For The Money

There are millions of sex toys but few can match the best cock rings. It’s so small and simple yet has immense benefits to men. Cock rings are the easiest toys you can use to get rock hard erections, last longer in bed and enjoy explosive orgasms. The key to enjoying a cock ring is …

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Best Lube for condoms

Best Lube for condomsNot everyone likes using condoms some say that sex is best enjoyed raw. However, protection is a necessity and we have to contend with it. Personally, I hate condoms I feel like they suck the fun out of sex. But sometimes I have no choice but to use them since it helps …

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Best Fake Pocket Pussy

Best Fake Pocket PussyHave you been struggling with pick up lines, wasting a lot of petroleum jelly and tissues or drilling holes through your mattresses all in the name of sexual satisfaction? Well, you deserve a thorough beating because of clinging to old school masturbation methods. Unless you live in a cave, you ought to …

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10 Best Prostate Massagers You Can Buy!

Best Prostate Massagers

Best Prostate Massagers for Male Orgasms Ever wondered how it feels to have multiple orgasms? Each one with more intensity and outlasting the previous. They are what we call super orgasms and they are not easy to come by. In fact very few men have experienced this, you know why? Because their butt is a no-go …

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