10 Best Sex Toys For Lesbian Couples

Best Sex Toys For Lesbians

Sex between ladies is magical. It is fascinating how two women can have sex and experience mind blowing orgasm without dicks involved. Personally, I’m a big fan of scissoring and face sitting, I just can’t get enough. Most people think that sex between women is not satisfying, you have no idea what you are missing. …

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Tips On How To have Period Sex

How to have period sex

Period sex has for long been considered a taboo in most societies. Many of these societies view the sexual intercourse while menstruating as dirty or dangerous, and if recent studies are anything to go by all those claims of period sex being dirty and dangerous are unfounded. In fact, a big percentage of women tend …

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How To Use A Penis Pump Properly

How To Use A Penis Pump

There are numerous myths and rumors about penile enlargement, most of them claim to work but very few live up to their claims. All men have contemplated enlarging their penises even if it’s just once. It’s human nature to want ‘bigger’ things in life. And if there is one thing that men love is their …

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Which Is The Best Strap-on For Pegging?

The best strap-on for pegging is probably one of the few toys that you should include in your current wish list. I believe that couples who enjoy anal play would definitely want to add a pegging toy to their collection. Unfortunately, couples always have a hard time trying to find the perfect toy for pegging. …

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